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Scalp Micropigmentation in Cincinnati

by Hairline Ink


We go to work every day to perfect our craft of conquering hair loss and couldn’t be more excited to bring our work to Cincinnati.

At Hairline Ink, our goal is to help every single person who walks through our door regain their confidence and get back to who they were before losing their hair and can’t be more excited to offer services to clients in Cincinnati. 

Hair loss is an embarrassing and frustrating experience, especially when you start researching other hair loss solutions that are too expensive and promise life-changing results that seem too good to be true. But at Hairline Ink, we want you to know that you aren’t alone, you don’t have to despair any longer, and you don’t have to settle for anything but the best version of yourself. The Hairline Ink practitioners have not only discovered the solution to hair loss, but have spent years practicing and perfecting it. 


Whether you’re experiencing male-pattern baldness or thinning, SMP has been the chosen treatment for a wide range of hair loss types.

Living in a major metropolitan area like Cincinnati means you’re constantly in front of people. Whether meeting with friends, family, co-workers, or strangers, you want to look and feel your best so you can exude confidence and make an impact. Unfortunately, hair loss can rob you of your confidence and be a distraction, whether you’re giving a presentation in front of a potential client or going on a first date.

Our team wants you to take on the world without hesitation and can help you with any of the following: 

Whether you’re just beginning to notice thinning or missing patches of hair or lost your hair years ago, there’s hope through scalp micropigmentation. Hair loss can be discouraging no matter your age or level of success, and that’s why we formed Hairline Ink to offer a guaranteed solution for hair loss once and for all. Thanks to the perfect combination of technology and craftsmanship, our team of practitioners can assess your type of hair loss and work to give you flawless results. Stop wasting time and money on other solutions that cost a fortune with nothing to show for it. The future of hair loss treatment is here, and it’s scalp micropigmentation. 

Revolutionary Hair Loss Treatment Comes to The Queen City

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

fut-camouflage-ohioWhen you don’t get enough coverage with transplants, Scalp Micropigmentation can help add density and cover scars.

Scalp micropigmentation is the pioneering method of cosmetic pigmentation treatment. One of our talented and skilled practitioners will add colored pigment to the scalp using tiny needles, creating dots that give the look and texture of hair follicles across the affected area of your scalp. 

We can custom blend colors to ensure that your micropigmentation perfectly matches and blends into your existing hair. We also use a slightly darker pigment to create the illusion of shadow and duplicate the look of actual 3D hair. It will be impossible to tell, even from close up, where your natural hair ends and your micropigmentation treatment begins.

We can guarantee results because of two things: the experience and expertise of our practitioners, and our use of the most advanced technology. By using a computer-controlled system to analyze your type of hair loss and create a plan, we can give you the look of natural hair with impeccable precision and accuracy. We founded Hairline Ink not only to change lives but to be an industry leader. That’s why we work hard every day to advance the field and transform our clients into the best possible version of themselves.  

Our All-Star Team in Cincinnati

alex-longoria-hairline-inkAlex joined the Client Support team at Hairline Ink in 2017 and had his own treatment completed in 2018.

Technology can only take your so far. The other part of our winning equation is who we choose to work with day in and day out across all our locations. Over the years we’ve discovered that you can’t be an industry leader without hiring the best and most talented people. 

Our all-star team of technicians and practitioners are the best in the business and have helped thousands of people across the United States regain their self-confidence along with their hairlines. Along with their unmatched skill and hard work, our practitioners are caring and empathetic about your circumstances and will give you an unmatched level of attention and professionalism from the first meeting to our last. To take the first step to regaining your old self, click here to schedule an appointment. 

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