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Revolutionary Hair Loss Treatment near Cleveland, OH

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Cleveland hair loss treatment

 If you’re tired of the never ending upkeep of hair-pieces, hats, and hair fibers; end your frustration here with Scalp Micropigmentation, a guaranteed solution. 

Few things hurt your self-confidence as much as hair loss. If you suffer from this devastating condition that afflicts men and women alike, it’s time to learn about a permanent solution that will restore your good looks and help you reach your potential. Now near Cleveland, the scalp micropigmentation professionals at Hairline Ink are reversing the effects of hair loss with their unparalleled skill and technology that delivers permanent success.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Before & After SMP Ohio

Left, before first session of Scalp Micropigmentation. Right, directly after the second session.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an innovative, versatile hair replication technology that addresses the following problems:

SMP uses needles to insert permanent ink into the scalp, and has the unique ability to create a 3D look of hair. Scalp Micropigmentation uses microneedles to more closely resemble hair follicles. SMP also implements highly specialized colors to provide the exact shade of “hair” for the most natural look possible. Micropigmentation goes into the dermis, which provides more control and prevents the ink from spreading over time. The treatment works with your existing hair to create a seamless look. Even up close, no one should be able to tell where your real hair ends and your SMP treatment begins.

How Does It Work?

Scalp Micropigmentation is typically completed in two sessions. Every procedure package comes with two treatments: The first session usually lasts three to four hours, and then the second session another one to two hours. The purpose of the second session is to perfect the overall look and fine-tune it to the client’s wishes after the initial product from the first session has had time to heal.


Left, before transplant strip scar camouflage. Right, directly after the second session. 

With a machine similar to those used for permanent makeup, the SMP professional injects the ink into the top layer of skin. The way it is injected makes the ink look like a follicle-shaped impression—essentially a 3D rendition that creates the illusion of hair wherever you want it on your scalp. We can vary the shade and density of the dots to truly resemble real, three-dimensional hair. You can restore the hairline you once had, or even create an entirely new one. This technique also works on scar tissue, finally providing a way to cover up unsightly scars or other blemishes that may have become increasingly noticeable as your hair has disappeared.

Will It Look Natural?


Left, before Scalp Micropigmentation. Right, completely healed treatment one month after 2nd session. 

The pigmentation used in SMP is a specially designed product guaranteed not to change color over time. It does take approximately one to two weeks, however, for the color to set, and will initially appear darker. The technology of SMP, combined with the artistry of our professionals, helps to ensure that you can choose the exact shade of hair that you desire. SMP is not only effective for brown and black hair, but can also be used to create the look of blonde and red as well. It also works on any skin color or type. We can custom blend the colors to ensure they exactly match your hair color, so that it perfectly blends into your existing hair.

How Much Does It Cost?

SMP cleveland before and after white male

Left, preparing for first session of SMP. Right, directly after the second session. 

Though the exact pricing depends on your specific needs, the general cost of this procedure ranges from $1,200 for covering up scars to around $3,800 for replacing a whole head of hair. We offer our clients various discounts throughout the year, as well as financing, to make your scalp micropigmentation procedure more affordable. Compared to the price of continually spending money on expensive procedures and products that don’t work for the rest of your life, a SMP treatment from Hairline Ink is a steal.

Why Choose Hairline Ink?

practitioner drawing on guidelines before smp treatment

Before the session our clients design their own hairline with their practitioner. 

The scalp micropigmentation team at Hairline Ink are highly trained practitioners who have improved the lives of thousands throughout the country, and now near the Cleveland area. The satisfaction of our clients has spurred the popularity of SMP, helping us to spread this solution for hair loss with more and more people each year. From Male Pattern Baldness to Alopecia; with SMP, you can restore your hairline, cover unsightly scars or blemishes, and make your hair look thick again. Find out why so many people are choosing Hairline Ink to cure their hair loss frustration and restore their confidence. 

All-Star Team near Cleveland

Alex Longoria Support Representative

Bilingual Client Coordinator, Alex, had his own treatment completed in March of 2018 with Hairline Ink.

If you live in the Cleveland area and are uncomfortable with your hair loss, you can now enjoy the amazing results of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). Unlike other hair loss products and treatments, SMP is a guaranteed solution with permanent, incredibly natural results. Don’t let hair loss rob you of your confidence. Call or email us today to find out how our team near Cleveland can help you change your life in a positive, exciting way.


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