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Scalp Micropigmentation in Seattle & Portland

By Hairline Ink

space-needle-seattle-skylineIf you are looking for a permanent solution to hair loss, the scalp micropigmentation professionals at Hairline Ink have the answer. 

Hair loss at any age can be a disheartening and frustrating experience. For years, your hair was part of your style and daily grooming routine, and to witness your hairline receding or large sections of hair falling out can make you not feel like the best version of yourself.

For too long, victims of hair loss have tried every solution under the sun, only to find they don’t work or they can’t afford them. The Seattle-Portland scalp micropigmentation professionals and Hairline Ink’s team are here to tell you that you don’t have to live a life without hair and you don’t have to lose your confidence and self-esteem. We’ve dedicated our careers to improving the lives of every person who walks in our doors, and we want to spread the word to every part of the country. Through scalp micropigmentation, we can restore the look of natural hair follicles so you can go out and conquer the world without worrying about what people think of you or what they say behind your back.

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seattle-hair-lossHere’s an example of adding density to thinning hair with Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Hair—or lack of it—is one of the first things people see and notice about a person. Along with noticing hair loss, people can also notice when a hair loss solution isn’t working. Unfortunately, most solutions on the market fall into this category. In the Seattle and Portland area, people spend a lot of time with other people at bars, restaurants, and other social settings. Unfortunately, seeing so many people every day means you can’t hide from your hair loss or the judgmental looks. The Hairline Ink scalp micropigmentation professionals in Seattle/Portland have heard countless hair loss stories and know how it impacts people’s lives. Because of that, we’ve dedicated our careers to providing the solution to every person who walks through our doors and spreading the word to those who haven’t yet. We know you’ve tried all the other solutions, and we’re here to tell you there’s still hope. 

If you’re still settling for anything less than a guaranteed and permanent hair loss solution, it’s time to take real action with real results. You don’t have to keep using medicated shampoos or topical treatments that stop working when you stop using them, and you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for implants or other surgeries. From typical male-pattern baldness to alopecia and even cancer victims who’ve undergone chemotherapy and radiation, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) will give you a strong hairline and full head of hair once and for all.


Hair Loss Defying Treatment Comes to Emerald City

What is Scalp Micropigmentation? 

portland-scalp-micropigmentationOur client, Fred, after 2 sessions of SMP at our Chicago clinic. 

Scalp micropigmentation is a skilled procedure that produces permanent results. Our practitioners use tiny needles to apply colored pigment to your scalp that gives the look and density of natural hair. These dots vary in size to give a three-dimensional feel and are applied over the course of two or three sessions, depending on your level of hair loss and unique circumstances. By using the most advanced and specialized equipment, our extremely talented and skilled team of practitioners analyze your scalp and create a customized treatment plan to apply pigment that complements your skin color and type and is consistent across your entire scalp. By giving you your hair back, we can also give you back your confidence and restore your self-esteem. 

Our All-Star Team in Seattle & Portland

megan-balzi-scalp-micropigmentation Megan has been with Hairline Ink since 2016 and knows SMP like the back of her hand.

Our business and our reputation thrives on who we decide to hire and work with on a daily basis in our shops across the country. Without our all-star team of practitioners and associates, we couldn’t change lives or advance the field of scalp micropigmentation the way we have, and we are excited to bring that level of craftsmanship to the Pacific Northwest. We know that our potential clients have questions and concerns, and we are here to listen to your story and answer every question you have about the procedure, the healing process, and the upkeep afterward. To speak with one of our talented and experienced practitioners and take the first step in improving every part of your life, click here and schedule an appointment today. 



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