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Scalp Micropigmentation Success Stories

Chad’s Story

Chad wasn’t a full believer in the powers of SMP until he finished his first session. He started his search in full-on skepticism, but after hours of research, he decided that the treatment was right for him and came to Hairline Ink. He consulted with “Magic Mike” Muszynski, and at the end of that first hour, everyone that he knew became a full-blown advocate of the treatment. Watch the video above to experience the full effect SMP had on Chad, from pre-consultation to post-recovery.

Alyson’s Story

Alyson felt as though she was the first woman to discover that SMP would work just as well for her as the many balding men proclaiming success stories across the internet. After her first treatment, even she couldn’t believe just how correct she was, that it was the perfect decision for her. From her dearest friends to her harshest critic, her daughter, everyone she knew noticed an immediate difference in how Alyson looked once everything was said and done. Alyson is prepared now to share the secret of SMP with all of her friends experiencing embarrassing hair loss they don’t know how to address. Watch her video to see for yourself, that SMP works great on women and other people with long, thinning hair.

Chris’s Story

Like many men with noticeable balding, Chris had noticed a significant drop in his confidence over the years that coincided directly with his hair loss. He didn’t like the person he had become, ashamed and timid about his looks. After SMP, he is proud to say he lives a hat-free and confident life again, happy he had found SMP and Hairline Ink. Watch his video to see how he gradually reclaimed his confidence through the help of SMP.

For more success stories just like these, visit our Testimonials page and see for yourself just how wonderful scalp micropigmentation can be. To set up a consultation or discuss questions with the artists themselves, contact the team at (585) 250-0835 today. We treat our clients like family, and we want to play that pivotal role in getting back your confidence. Call us at 585-250-0835 today!

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