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Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment Aftercare with Mike Muszynzki at Hairline Ink


Hello everyone. This is Mike from Hairline Ink in Chicago and in today’s I’m going to point out simple easy steps for your treatment aftercare.

There’s two types of aftercare guidelines. There’s short-term and long-term. So starting with the short-term.

Number one, for four days, avoid washing your head. So it’s either after your first, second and third session, do not wash your head for four days. On the fifth day, I recommend washing it with warm water and shampoo. If you notice your scalp being dry after the shower, please apply moisturizer and continue doing it twice a day. So in the morning and at night.

Number two, try not touch the treatment area with your bare hands. What happens is your hands carry bacteria and germs you don’t want to affect the treatment area and get it infected. You are allowed to wear a hat after your treatment. Whether it’s your benne, your trucker hat, you’re good with that.

Number three, for seven days, avoid any heavy, heavy sweating. This is very, very important. So basically no running or hitting the gym for seven days. After seven days, you are good to go and get back to regular exercise and routine. So this covers the short-term aftercare.

Long-term aftercare is pretty simple as well.

Number one, for one month, avoid any swimming pools with chlorine, any body of water that contains salt. Going into a sauna or a steam room.

Number two, during sunny weather, please do not touch the treatment area for one month. And later on if you are in the sun and you are not wearing a hat, please apply SPF 50 this will protect your treatment for any future fading and also it’s going to protect your skull from any sun damage.

So I hope you find these guidelines helpful for your treatment aftercare, but if you do have any additional question regarding your treatment aftercare, please call us at 585-250-0835 or send us an email at info@hairlineink.com. And once again, my name is Mike from Hairline in Chicago and thank you for watching this video.

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