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Scalp Micropigmentation versus Tricopigmentation

Scalp tricopigmentation is a hairline restoration procedure similar to scalp micropigmentation but different in a few crucial ways. The two use similar techniques to create the appearance of stubble on the scalp, but tricopigmentation uses a different form of pigment. This pigment is not nearly as long-lasting as micropigmentation pigment and has to be reapplied on a yearly basis.

There are a few reasons why tricopigmentation exists. The impermanence of the procedure is appealing to many, as it offers a ‘trial period’ for the scalp micropigmentation process. Those unwilling to commit to a permanent procedure could try tricopigmentation to see if it’s something that they want to live with for the rest of their lives.

Tricopigmentation does have a few real disadvantages, however. While laser treatment can fix a poor scalp micropigmentation job, the dye used for tricopigmentation is impossible to remove, and a patient must wait until it fades away.

Overall, tricopigmentation is less expensive than micropigmentation. The initial cost is higher for scalp micropigmentation, which might initially deter people. However, in the long run, the constant maintenance and re-application required for the tricopigmentation process make costs much higher. If you want to continue with tricopigmentation, you have to pay to get it completely redone every year, while micropigmentation only requires touch-ups every 4-5 years. This makes micropigmentaiton much less labor and cost intensive in the long run. The repeated reapplication process for tricopigmentation can also result in an unusual helmet-like appearance.

While tricopigmentation may be tempting, the experts at Hairline Ink recommend micropigmentation in almost all instances. It’s long lasting, looks more natural, is cheaper in the long run, and can be reversed. Hairline Ink has been in the business of scalp micropigmentation for years and has skilled specialists with extensive knowledge of the process.

If you’re interested in learning more about it and its advantages over more temporary procedures, feel free to contact us at (585)-250-0835. One of our qualified service representatives is standing by to answer any questions you may have about the process. You can even schedule a consultation with one of our specialists to get a better idea of whether scalp micropigmentation is right for you.

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