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Can a Tooth Infection Cause Hair Loss?

Tooth Infection Cause Hair Loss

Experts unexpectedly link hair loss to tooth infections, even though it seems unlikely. This is especially true if hair loss results from alopecia areata, an autoimmune skin condition in which ordinarily healthy cells turn against themselves. Alopecia areata is a fairly common condition that causes circular bald patches because the immune system attacks healthy hair follicles. It can affect facial and body hair and the hair on your scalp.

Connection to a tooth infection

But what does alopecia areata have to do with a tooth infection? If white blood cells mistake a follicle for a disease, they may stop hair growth. Hair loss caused by a tooth infection will generally be near the tooth, so likely in facial hair.

Treatment and regrowth

After tooth healing, people with alopecia areata often see hair regrowth within a year. However, if the infected tooth goes without treatment, the less likely hair will regrow. The longer the hair follicles are attacked by the white blood cells, the less likely they are to recover and begin cultivating hair again fully.

The only way to ensure that your hair will grow abundantly and naturally is by treating a tooth infection in time to provide natural and abundant hair regrowth. Depending on the infection’s severity, your dentist may recommend antibiotics, extraction, or a root canal. Treating the infection quickly increases the likelihood of your hair regrowing.

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Written by The Hairline Ink Team

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