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CBD Oil for Hair Loss

With the wave of cannabis (marijuana) legalization across the United States, some jurisdictions, including those that have not legalized cannabis outright have legalized the use of CBD oil, cannabis oil that contains very little THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis). CBD oil has since been promoted for all kinds of uses, such as for controlling anxiety and skin conditions, but notably, it has also been touted as a potential solution to hair loss.

The idea behind using CBD oil for hair loss comes from the contents of the oil itself. These include omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids along with (gamma) linoleic acid, phosphorus, and vitamin E, all of which are beneficial to the scalp. Additionally, some claim that these ingredients within CBD oil actually increase blood flow to the scalp, leading to hair growth.

Given that CBD oil is relatively new to mainstream use, there is not a great deal of science available to definitively prove its effectiveness one way or another. Given the harsh chemicals found in many hair treatments, trying CBD oil certainly has less downside, provided it is legal in your jurisdiction. However, there are other treatment methods that can more assuredly correct the problem without ingesting harsh chemicals and with results that last for years.

For a cosmetic method to a fuller-looking head of hair with lasting results, consider scalp micropigmentation. This procedure consists of injecting small amounts of pigment into the skin, with few side effects and typically accomplished within 2-3 treatments. Given that this is a cosmetic procedure, it can be tailored exactly to your needs, whether you are someone with a thinning head of hair looking for a fuller-looking head, or if you are bald and are looking for a clean-shaven look.

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