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Fact or Fiction: Does Biotin prevent hair loss?

Biotin prevent hair loss

It’s both widely believed and supported that taking Biotin supplements, containing a part of the Vitamin B complex known as Vitamin B7, will help to restore the health of hair, nails, and skin or prevent damage. This logic is sound: it is true that Vitamin B7 is responsible for the health of your hair. People have searched for the truth behind this solution since a study appeared in 1993, in which researchers gave the supplement to women with brittle nails and claimed they experienced improvement. Unfortunately, this is one of the very few studies on the subject and the only one with these results.

Generally, adults should be consuming between 30-100 mcg (micrograms) of biotin each day. Biotin is water-soluble and travels through the bloodstream, meaning that is most effective when consumed. Most of us get a sufficient amount of Vitamin B7 when we eat certain meats, eggs, avocados, fish, and mushrooms—to name only a few foods—and it is very rare for people to experience deficiencies in countries like America without medicinal reasons. The idea is that consuming more biotin will help maintain the body’s basic Keratin infrastructure, which is the protein that forms your hair, skin, and nails.

Many people suggest taking Vitamin B complex supplements to ensure that levels are high, but there is little actual scientific support to indicate that it works. Since our bodies cannot store vitamin B7, taking too much Biotin is nearly impossible and extremely ineffective. 

Biotin is a product found in many different hair loss solutions. From simple supplements to other more complicated treatments, Biotin has been a very popular option for those looking to restore their hair. But is it effective as a long-term treatment for hair loss?

Many shampoos and skin care products contain Biotin, but the effectiveness of this method has zero scientific basis. Even people who support Biotin to increase hair health agree—absolutely nothing suggests that Biotin is absorbed well through the skin. All-in-all, it’s unlikely that taking Biotin is helping your hair stay healthy unless you do have a deficiency of Vitamin B7. If you’re experiencing unnatural hair loss, speaking to your doctor can help you determine if your levels of Vitamin B7 are too low—in which case, taking Biotin may help.

If your levels are sufficient, however, stop spending money on Biotin and B7-enriched hair care products, and instead seek a permanent solution like Scalp Micropigmentation. The specialists at Hairline Ink can offer you a solution that many have even called “life-changing”.

Scalp micropigmentation works by injecting small amounts of pigment into the skin, allowing to a large degree of customization. For men with thinning hair, this typically means injecting the pigment to achieve a fuller-looking head of hair. While for bald or balding men, the treatment gives them a freshly-shaved look without the hassle of having to maintain it.

Scalp micropigmentation typically achieves long-lasting results in just 2-3 treatments, spaced only one week apart. There are no significant side effects either during or following treatment, and once you’ve received treatment, you can go back to your life without having to worry about your hair loss!

Have questions about hair loss? Hairline Ink has the answers. If you or someone you know is suffering from hair loss, contact our team of experts to learn how scalp micropigmentation can help you to defy hair loss and reinvent the way you feel. We offer Scalp Micropigmentation in over 50 US cities. Call or text us today at 833-HAIR-INK (833-424-7465) to schedule an appointment, learn about our pricing, or to get a free quote!

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Written by The Hairline Ink Team

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