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What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

n the most basic terms, people with BDD hyper-focus on perceived appearance flaws, whether real or imagined. Many dislike body flaws, but BDD can cause work or school absences. This is a highly under-diagnosed disorder. Many people don’t get a BDD diagnosis despite its treatability. According to the International OCD Foundation identifies numerous BDD signs:

  • You have frequent, perhaps unsolicited, thoughts about appearance
  • You spend most of your time focused on the flaw when looking in a mirror and may avoid reflective surfaces as much as possible
  • You cover up the area, perhaps with a hat or scarf
  • You frequently ask friends or loved ones, even acquaintances, to let you know that you look okay
  • You make appointments with doctors or cosmetic surgeons fairly often
  • You have had multiple surgeries to make the problem better
  • You compulsively touch the affected area
  • You go to great lengths to avoid any social situation, including work and school
  • You rarely leave the house or only go out when it’d be difficult to see you well

If you or a loved one is showing any of these signs, it’d be in your best interest to seek medical help. Many with hair loss suffer from BDD. Undiagnosed, it can cause prolonged anxiety. BDD affects people of all genders (about 40% men and 60% women) and ages (BDD affects all genders; it usually starts during preteen years.).

Even if medicated for BDD, some still find hair loss distressing. With the help of treatment like scalp micropigmentation, many people have described feelings of immense relief and return to their lives with confidence.

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Written by The Hairline Ink Team

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