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What it Means When Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment Areas Become Blue

This may seem like a surprising topic for a blog post. After all, if scalp micropigmentation could lead to your scalp turning blue, why even go through with the treatment? A blue scalp is much worse than a bald scalp. Fortunately, with reputable micropigmentation clinics, this side effect will never happen. However, lower quality clinics that cut corners may give you treatments that turn your scalp blue. This isn’t a reason to avoid scalp micropigmentation as a whole, but a very compelling reason to pick the right center to perform your treatment.

Many scalp micropigmentation providers fail to understand the difference between the scalp micropigmentation process and a regular tattoo. At a reputable clinic, the two methods will be stark opposites. The equipment used in the process is unique, and the pigments are specialized exclusively for scalp micropigmentation. Also, the application technique is entirely different from a tattoo.

It is the scalp micropigmentation providers that have no regard for these processes, who perform shoddy treatments and give the entire procedure a bad rap. Many inexperienced providers use regular tattoo ink or permanent makeup ink to complete the scalp micropigmentation process, which is foolhardy. These inks are made up of multiple colors combined to make black or grey. After years of the immune system attacking the ink and degradation from UV rays, poor micropigmentation jobs will turn blue or green.

At Hairline Ink, there is no possibility of your scalp turning blue after scalp micropigmentation treatment. We use tried and true methods to make sure that our micropigmentation jobs look natural and are applied with permanence in mind. Our inks are only composed of black pigments, so it’s impossible for them to degrade into blue or green shades over time and with exposure to UV rays.

Our micropigmentation specialists also have years of experience treating patients’ scalps, so there is no risk of discoloration or other mishaps that are commonly associated with inexperienced pigmentation centers. This also means that the patterning and variety of shades used are as believable as possible. If you’re searching for a specialist that can restore your hairline to a completely natural appearance, look no further than Hairline Ink.

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