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Stem Cell Research Seeks Answers to Hair Loss

For anyone that has faced balding and widespread hair loss for a significant period of time, the search for a permanent solution may have become so desperate that they consider stem cell research. For those folks, and those who hadn’t yet considered it, research into this treatment is further along than many could hope. A group at the University of Southern California, led by Dr. Cheng-Ming Chuong, have successfully tested hair regrowth on lab mice and other groups, such as KIKEN (teamed up with Kyocera and Organ Technologies), have announced a timeline, in which their treatments could be bought as soon as 2020. Others, still, expect even earlier at 2018.

Stem cells have been called magic by many of the people who do research on them because of their definitive and unique undifferentiation. This means that they can be easily reprogrammed, so to speak, to function like other cells (like those found in the hair follicle) and reproduce like the cells they’re turned into. RIKEN is not only looking to break into the hair loss industry with their treatment within the next five years, but they’ve also successfully replaced the hair, teeth, and some glands of laboratory mice using their research and technology.

Hair follicles are exceedingly fragile cells. When they become damaged, then they generally stop producing hair. What’s more, the body doesn’t produce new follicles throughout life: you’re born with all the follicles you’ll ever have. That is until stem cell research regarding hair loss is completed.

The span of one to three years is still a bit long to be waiting for that full head of hair you’ve been dreaming about, however. Moreover, these treatments are set to be very expensive at the outset, certainly not something everyone can afford. For a reasonable, permanent solution that you can get immediately, scalp micropigmentation may be for you. Contact the artists at Hairline Ink for more information by calling (585) 250-0835.

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