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Studies show link between dental health and alopecia

Scientists have recently suggested that there may be a very close relationship between dental disease and hair loss. Individuals who notice bald spots or patches on their scalp may also be suffering from a hidden tooth, infection, researchers say.

According to researchers in the Department of Stomatology with the University of Granada (UGR), Spain, specifically Professors José Antonio Gil Montoya and Antonio Cutando Soriano, doctors are advising people to visit their dentists if they begin to notice the presence of alopecia areata, also known as localized alopecia, on their bodies.  While the origin of this alopecia is unknown, it is thought to be autoimmune in nature.

While alopecia areata begins with bald patches on the scalp, as well as possibly other patches on the body, the disease has been shown to occur in people of all ages, and nearly one in 1,000 people per year. Because the affected hair follicles are not completely destroyed, these patches of hair are able to grow back after a few months.  However, the full impact of the disease has shown to recur in at least one-quarter of all patients.

These researchers have also noticed a correlation between an outbreak of localized alopecia and dental infections.  In their own words, “We have found that bald patches caused by tooth infection are not always in the same place. They normally appear on a line projected from the dental infection and can thus can be located on the face at the level of the maxillary teeth, above a line through the lip-angle to the scalp, beard, or even to the eyebrow. Nevertheless, they can also be located far from infection outbreak.”

These researchers advise anyone with localized alopecia to visit their dentist immediately. If you notice unusual balding patterns or patches, you should visit your dentist and discuss whether or not this is caused by a dental issue. If there is no dental issue to blame, it may simply be a case of natural balding, in which you will likely consider some form of hair-loss treatment. While there are many different types of treatments and procedures that are commonly marketed to the public, there is only one type of treatment that can truly be trusted as a permanent solution, and that procedure is called Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).

Scalp micropigmentation experts like those at Hairline Ink utilize special equipment and techniques to inject specially-formulated ink into the scalp to simulate the look of real hair. This affordable, minimally-invasive procedure has earned raving reviews from satisfied clients who were tired of the same, ineffective hair loss “solutions”. If you’re ready to explore a permanent hair loss solution, click here to contact us, or call us at (585)-250-0835 to learn more or to schedule a free consultation today!

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