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Scalp Micropigmentation Pricing Chart

Procedure Type2 Session Price $ (USD)2 Session Price £ (GBP)3rd Session Price $ (USD)3rd Sessision Price £ (GBP)
Scar Treatment Only$1200-1800GBP Price$700GBP Price 2
Norwood 2-3 (hairline or crown work only)$2000-2200GBP Price$700GBP Price
Standard Procedure (Benchmark Price)$2700-3200GBP Price$700GBP Price
Standard Procedure with Scars$3600-4000GBP Price$700-1050GBP Price
Mild Alopecia Areata$3200-3600GBP Price$700GBP Price
Severe Alopecia$3600-4000GBP Price$700GBP Price
Women's Hair Loss$1800-3400GBP Price$700GBP Price
Adding Crown Density$2000-2200GBP Price$700GBP Price
Adding Density to Thin Hair$2700-3200GBP Price$700GBP Price
Repairing Bad Treatments$2200-3200GBP Price$700GBP Price
Touchups$350-1000GBP Price----
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