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• A Closer Look Pt. 1 “The Struggle” •

Here at hairline Ink, we consider it our personal mission to improve the quality of life of our clientele. We asked some of our clients about the struggles they faced in their lives involving hair loss prior to their experience with micropigmentation. Although many of them began experiencing hair loss at different times in their lives, the common denominator was that it affected their ability to live their lives without the concern of how they were viewed by others. Some of their problems began as early as 16 years old, causing issues with self-confidence as well as with how they were treated by their peers. Many of our clients exhausted nearly all other options for possible hair loss solutions, such as hair transplants, laser hair growth, and even “potions,” all to no avail, until eventually discovering and turning to scalp micropigmentation. In less than half a year of receiving the procedure, most of our clients start to notice an immediate difference in self-confidence and how they are treated by others. The results, and our clients’ smiling faces, speak for themselves.



Client 1: You know, I have been dealing with hair loss since I’m 16 years old. You know, It’s a struggle, you know, trying to socialize, trying to meet women, you’re always wondering what people think and it’s just can be really embarrassing sometimes.

Client 2: Losing hair, it’s hard for a man, you know. I’ve became insecure.

Client 3: I was 17 years old, I started losing my hair. Then I tried everything, from hair transplants, to kind of potions and all that stuff.

Client 4: Every man losing their hair goes through this major mental anguish.

Client 5: “oh, I’m getting bald” and all of this, you know, anxiety (Inaudible 0:39) comes to your mind all day.

Client 1: Today I’m coming in for session two, um, we did session one last week, and the results are amazing.

Client 3: Really looking great, um, it’s everything I expected basically, everything I expected.

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