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• A Closer Look, Pt. 5 “Realistic” •

See how our customers are blown away by the incredible results they receive here at Hairline Ink. The common experience seems to be that people our clients interact with (post-procedure) quickly notice a positive change in our clients’ appearances but find themselves unable to pinpoint what exactly that change is. “I’m really happy with my results here. I was out to lunch earlier and no one knew I had this done. I actually had to point it out. It’s undetectable- I’ve had a lot of people [tell me] ‘you look different,’ but nobody could quite put their finger on what I had done.”  This is exactly what we strive for with our work at Hairline Ink- for the results to look so authentic that they are indistinguishable from a natural hairline. And nothing pleases us more than hearing about these exact experiences from our clients’ grinning faces.



Client 1: Yeah man, this is awesome, yeah it’s just so unbelievably natural. It’s amazing that a X can actually create this.

Client 2: One X came to the house and I didn’t have anything on, I just wanted her to see… didn’t even notice.

Client 3: It’s undetectable, nobody can really tell what’s going on with my hair, nobody ever asks

Client 4: He’s like “Man that looks natural. It looks really good.”

Client 5: Nobody notices. (laughing).

Interviewer: No weird looks.

Client 5: Nobody, nothing.

Client 6: When I looked in the mirror, like, it’s crazy, it looks real!

Client 1: It’s natural, it’s neat looking.

Client 2: She was smiling. She was like, “it looks so good”.

Client 8: First thing is they thought I shaved off my hair, and they go like “wow, you know, you did it! Great!” but nobody noticed that I had something different.

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