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• A Closer Look, Pt 6 “Pain Level” •

We asked our clients to talk about any pain or scalp sensitivity they might have experienced during or after the procedure and we were pleasantly unsurprised to hear from all of them that it was minimal to non-existent. Most of our practitioners are recipients of scalp micropigmentation themselves, and having had experienced the procedure personally, they all remarked was almost entirely painless with only mild discomfort on some of the more sensitive parts of the scalp. “Certain areas of the scalp there was mild discomfort. Others areas you can’t even feel. I didn’t feel the crown of my head at all.” Some clients comment that certain parts are relaxing and many almost fall asleep during parts of the procedure. Clients who have gotten regular tattoos in their lives have remarked that a regular tattoo is “100x more painful than this [scalp micropigmentation] process.”



Client 1: Pain wise from 1 to 10, I’m not really a pain sissy, but I would say it’s probably right around a 2. Certain areas of the scalp there was mild discomfort, other areas you can’t even feel, I didn’t even feel the crown of my head at all.

Client 2: My only thing was about the pain. That’s all what I was nervous about, but when we started it, I don’t know, it wasn’t that bad.

Client 1: I have got a couple tattoos over the years and I got to say that that is a hundred times more painful than this whole process.

Client 3: Like a 1.(laughing) I mean you feel it, but it’s not like, no pain, I felt asleep.

Client 4: Like a 1, maybe a 2. A 1! Honestly, it feels almost therapeutic getting this treatment done. I was falling asleep.

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