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19 Yr Old David’s Touching Story: Alopecia Treatment Through SMP

At age 3, Hairline Ink client David Hernandez was diagnosed with alopecia areata, a condition that causes hair loss, which progressed gradually throughout his life. Although he knew about his alopecia early, it seemed to reach its worst condition during David’s senior year of high school, during which he lost a full head of hair over a relatively short period of time.

Luckily for David, Hairline Ink Chicago Practitioner, Michal “Magic Mike” Muszynski, enjoys treating patients with alopecia, as he sees it as a fresh canvas for his craft. Although we can’t help him get his long luscious locks back, Hairline Ink is proud to help David regain any self confidence lost from his condition, as he rocks his new look like a boss!

David came to Hairline Ink to “get a nice natural feel, be comfortable with who [he is], and to be able to walk outside without wearing a hat.” We think David is an awesome dude who deserves to look and feel as cool as he is. That’s why we made it our mission, here at Hairline Ink, to help victims of hair loss of all kinds to regain their confidence by giving them a completely natural look that is visually indistinguishable from their natural hair.


David: My name is David Hernandez; I’m 19; I’m from Palatine, Illinois.  I first learned I had alopecia when I was about three. It’s gradually progressed to be a pretty severe form. It was okay up until, let’s say, high school. Probably senior year would be the worst. That’s when I lost almost all of it. I think the most difficult aspect was having really long thick hair, and then it all just going away.

What I’m hoping for here at Hairline Ink is to get a nice natural feel and to be comfortable with who I am and be able to walk outside without wearing a hat. After session one, my initial thoughts are, I think it looks great. It looks natural; it didn’t take that long; I expected to be here a lot longer. The pain level was bearable, it didn’t really hurt that much. It kinda tickled sometimes. I’m really excited, I wish it was tomorrow. (The second session) I can’t wait to see how it looks done and finished. It already looks great, I just can’t wait to see it completed. Mike was great, Hairline Ink is amazing. If you ever have any questions, just call them. They are honestly great people.

David: (to mike) Thanks man.

Mike: Next week we’ll go with number two session, so you see that’s when we’re going to add the density, you know what I mean?

Mike: David was an amazing kid; I know he’s struggling with alopecia areata, which is also known as spot balding. He was great. He was patient with the treatment. I enjoy doing alopecia more because you can basically get a fresh canvas. In case to David, where he had patches, it’s almost like having a puzzle with missing parts and you have to create those missing parts. To me, it’s not challenging; I love doing this. It’s a good challenge in a way, where I enjoy creating that piece of art on top of someone’s scalp.

David: Well basically, family members loved it. My dad was crazy happy. I showed my girlfriend, she was kinda confused. Definitely the best reaction had to be my boss. He loved it! When I first showed him he was giving me a hug, a high five.

I felt pretty good, I felt a lot more confident, I loved the way it looked. I could definitely go outside and not worry about my appearance.

I guess one of my hesitations was the price, maybe the pain. But it was all reasonable. I wanted a nice, clean, natural look; nothing artificial. Clearly it works; it makes you feel good; it’s not a waste of money. It’s going to be there forever. If you ever decide your hair is going to grow back, it’s easy to cover up. I guess my goal was to be able to be comfortable walking outside and showing the world what I have and this is definitely it.

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