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Alyson’s LIFE CHANGING Treatment for Women’s Hair Loss

Watch as Alyson undergoes her Scalp Micropigmentation treatment, from the first hour to the last. Hair loss in women is very common, though Alyson felt as though she was the only person to have heard of this new women’s hair loss treatment. She wants every one of her friends and other women to try out this treatment as she is only one of many women who can say they’ve tried everything with no lasting results. Her extensive research has led her to support micropigmentation even before going through the treatment herself.

After her first session, Alyson told everyone she knew about this women’s hair loss treatment, and friends and acquaintances alike greeted her with overwhelming support. Despite the fact that hair loss in women is well-known, micropigmentation is still relatively unknown, so Alyson took all of the information she had learned, both online and in-person with Hairline Ink’s artists, and tried to share that with her friends.

Along with the joy of tossing out all of the products she was using before this treatment, she expressed that she felt very comfortable in the studio, almost at home with all of the practitioners. Her emphasis on the stress she was facing at home with her hair loss made her description of the environment as “stress-free” all the more powerful. With a big smile, Alyson talks now about how people look at her as having a beautiful, full head of hair and her daughter, perhaps her biggest critic before the treatment, has nothing but positive things to say about how her hair looks now. This choice was, described by her, the biggest and best of her life, and she looks forward to waking up every day, not having to worry about masking the problem she had.

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