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Chris Lopez Performs a Straight Hairline Treatment on Hispanic Client

Worrying about your personal image is a stressful way to start any day, and it may seem unavoidable if you are suffering from hair loss. You may try to hide your hair loss with hats, implants, or other temporary solutions, but these may not offer the coverage you need to feel proud of your look. Jose Rodriguez was one of these people; watch as he discusses his hair loss and the permanent solution he trusts.

Jose is a 36-year-old man from Washington Heights, who struggled to find a solution to his hair loss. When he discovered scalp micropigmentation, however, he quickly realized this was the right choice. Now that he has his hairline back, Jose no longer worries about how he looks in the morning. Instead, he can get out of bed, shower, and be ready to go, with confidence in himself and his hair.

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Vea la experiencia de la transformación de Jose en cual brilla con orgullo y diciendo: “Ya no tengo que usar gorras; eso es el primer objetivo.”

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Gracias y contáctenos con todas sus preguntas o preocupaciones de la Micro Pigmentación del cuero cabelludo.


  • Fue increíble, no lo puedo creo creer como todo salió.
  • It was incredible, I couldn’t believe how everything came out.
  • Mi preocupación era que no sabia como iba a salir.
  • My hesitation was, I really didn’t know the outcome.
  • Verlo en persona fue totalmente diferente de como lo mire en el internet.
  • Seeing it in person was totally different that what I’ve seen on the internet.
  • Yo lo recomiendo a la persona que deberas se lo quiere hacer.
  • I recommend it to anybody that really wants to do it.
  • Ya no quiero ponerme gorras mas, ese es mi numero uno objetivo.
  • I don’t want to to wear hats no more, that’s my number one goal.
  • La expresión facial es diferente, linea de cabello, todo es totalmente diferente.
  • Facial expression is different, hairline, everything is totally different.
  • En la mañana solamente quiero levantarme, bañarme, y salir de la puerta.
  • In the morning I just get up, shower, and walk out the door.
  • No pelo, nada que hacer, nada mas rasurarme y salir.
  • No hair, no thing, I just shave and go.
  • Fue hermoso.  Chris me cuido.
  • It was beautiful.  Chris took care of me.
  • Me dijo todo lo que tenia que hacer e hizo un trabajo estupendo en mi cabeza.
  • Told me everything I had to do and he did a great job on my head.
  • Es perfecto.
  • It’s perfect.
  • Si quieres venir, ven a Hairline Ink.
  • If you want to come.  Come to Hairline Ink.
  • Son en #1 en lo que hacen y hacen un muy buen trabajo.
  • They’re #1 at what they do.  They do a good job.


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