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Hairline Ink Artist Spotlight: Michal Muszynski

Hairline Ink’s Michal Muszynski, a leading practitioner in the scalp micropigmentation industry, describes what the treatment is and summarizes the process involved. Michal has been performing Scalp Micropigmentation for the past four years, primarily in Chicago. Immediately after having the procedure done on himself, he believed so strongly in the results that he dedicated his career to helping make this revolutionary solution available for others. He strives to be the best practitioner in the scalp micropigmentation community and works every day to make sure that each of his clients is completely satisfied with the results of their treatment.

Michal goes on to explain the difference between SMP and a traditional tattoo. Aside from the fact that the needles used in SMP only penetrate two layers of skin as opposed to the five layers traditional tattoos must penetrate, it all boils down to proper technique, having top of the line equipment, and the ability to choose the correct color pigment to compliment the client’s skin for the most natural results.

For Michal, the most rewarding part of being an SMP practitioner is the undeniable look of happiness on his client’s face once they finally see the results of their treatment.

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