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Beautifully Executed Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment for Henry Tejada

Henry Tejeda returns for his second scalp micropigmentation treatment session to finalize his new and improved look! Henry, who started his battle with hair loss at the age of 17, felt that he “looked like an old man” by the age of 25. Later, while researching possible solutions for his hair loss, Henry stumbled across an ad for scalp micropigmentation. Upon further investigation, Henry hadn’t found any negative remarks about micropigmentation and felt confident when he turned to Hairline Ink’s esteemed team of All-Star practitioners.

“I was mindblown by the results” attested Henry. “I looked like I just came out of the barber shop.” Henry felt that he looked like a much more successful version of himself and was outspokenly pleased with his new look. He went on to comment that people have been coming up to him saying how good he looked but that they all failed to put their finger on the subtle yet seamless change- a true testament to how indistinguishable micropigmentation is from a natural appearance.

By the end of his second session, Henry remarked that he felt his results looked even more natural than before, further stating how pleased he was with his results. “Hairline Ink did a phenomenal job. I absolutely recommend having this done. It’s very affordable, 100x cheaper. The results are really phenomenal.”



HENRY:  How are you doing, my name is Henry Tejeda. I’m here at Hairline Ink, and I am back for my second session. I started losing my hair around when I was about 17. My hairline started thinning back and around 25 I started losing it up top. It got to the point where I looked like an old man at a young age. I was doing research online, like hair transplants, stuff like that. I ran into an ad and started seeing a lot of testimonials. I did research on the pigmentation and I didn’t see any negative remarks about it. Obviously I was mind blown about the results. Orain is an artist, a mastermind at doing this.

Practitioner: Following several other unsuccessful hair transplants, I finally came across SMP as a solution. And once I had it done, it changed my life. It meant everything to me, it was the only thing that worked.

HENRY:  I look like I just came out of the barber shop. I came over here looking like I’m poor and I came out looking like somebody who has money. At first like, people couldn’t tell. You know what I mean. They just look at me and tell me, “Oh, my god I see such a big difference in you. You look glowing today.” They can’t really tell unless I point it out to them.  Well, they’re very professional and they are experts at what they do. I just got done with my second session at Hairline Ink. It went great. I am ecstatic. He added more hair follicles. It looks more natural than before. It’s even harder to tell that it’s not real hair. I’m real happy with the results. The company Hairline Ink did a phenomenal job. I absolutely recommend having this done. It’s very affordable, 100 times cheaper. The results are really phenomenal.

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