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Scalp Micropigmentation Client Tricks His Barber of 13 Years!

One of our clients had been visiting his barber for a haircut once a week for the past thirteen years. The one person who he thought would be able to tell right away that his hair was a convincing optical illusion, instead felt betrayed as he thought he loyal customer had found another barber! Someone who had seen his hair once a week for over thirteen years couldn’t tell his treatment apart from his natural hair. His natural reaction was to assume that a better barber had stepped in. He and his barber can rest easy, as quality scalp micropigmentation such as that provided at Hairline Ink, does not interfere with natural hair growth, so their relationship will not change aside from the occasional laugh at the barber’s expense.


Practitioner: We’re just finishing up our touch up session with our client.  You told me an interesting story on the phone about your barber. 

CLIENT: Yeah so basically this guy’s been cutting my hair for 13, 14 years now, ever since I was 16.  So he saw me when I had a full head of hair on and you know he gradually seen it get worse.  By 23 I had hair transplant which he knew about by the way. 

And I walked in after my second session to get my son a haircut and he looked at me and he immediately got sad because he thought I got another barber and he looked at my hair and oh my god whose cutting your hair now?  Why does it look fuller?  What happened?  Never did he not notice like wait a minute, you did not have that much hair, you were totally more balled than this, so after he got done cutting my son’s hair, he was so sad I had to explain it to him. 

I told him he was the only‑‑ the second person I told besides my girlfriend and I said look this is a tattoo and his face just dropped and he was like naw no way.  I’m like yeah and he’s like I can’t even believe that.  It looks so natural so I know it sounds cliche but I fooled my long time barber of 13, 14 years. 

Practitioner: So you just reversed the hands of time on him.  I like that. 

CLIENT: Yeah, and I thought him about all people I thought he knew would call me out and he didn’t even notice. 

Practitioner: Most people do assume that a guy in that particular field you know being is being that he’s a professional and works in the industry and not to mention he sees you once a month if not twice a month. 

CLIENT: I actually got my haircut once a week. 

Practitioner: Once a week. 

CLIENT: Once a week for the last 15 years. 

Practitioner: Once a week for the last 15 years and when you walked in, your barber took one look at you and assumed right away that you are getting your hair styled somewhere else, by a better barber. 

CLIENT: Exactly.

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