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Fred’s Experience Getting Scalp Micropigmentation in Chicago

Hairline Ink Chicago’s lead practitioner Mike “Magic Mike” Muszynski executed another outstanding treatment. Our client Fred B. was more than pleased. Fred said “It boosted my self-confidence, especially trying to go to the gym & go out places without wearing a hat.”


Fred: My name is Fred, and I’m 49 years old, and I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was the end of my 20’s. It was a new decade that I was moving into. I noticed that my hair started thinning, and I called it the little silver dollar. Before I was using different hair sprays to cover it up, and I was growing my hair longer. Then I was combing it, brushing it back, I started to cut the hair lower and lower to cover up the spot. Eventually I just decided that I was tired of going to the barbershop every single Saturday, so I just decided to go bald and save myself some money at that point in time.

I was just going through Facebook.. on Facebook they were talking about the micro scalp pigmentation, and I didn’t know what that was so I just clicked on the link, did a little bit more research… and just tried to find out what that is, what was all involved, and see if it helped me with my self-esteem, for lack of a better word, to solve the problem.

Fred: (looking in mirror) Oh wow! Yes!

Fred: I feel absolutely great; more than great. It relieved a lot of the tension and the apprehension that I had before, and I couldn’t be more than pleased right now. I recommend doing it!

Fred: I had my best friend come along with me for the first grand opening, and I stopped by so he could see my hair and everything. After the first procedure he’s like, “Man that looks natural. It looks really good.” I stopped by my mom’s. I didn’t tell her about the procedure at all. And she looked at me and she said, “There’s something different about you.” And, normally, I would always shave my head bald and she looked at me again, she was like “I like that look on you. Keep your hair that length, right there.” So I still haven’t told her about the procedure, but I figured after the second procedure today, and the healing has completed, you know? Then I will tell her about the procedure.

I would suggest that everyone that is looking for some type of procedure, just go ahead on and do it.


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