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The Hamilton-Norwood Scale

The Hamilton-Norwood Scale (also known as the Norwood Scale and the Norwood-Hamilton Scale) is used to measure the progression of hair loss associated with androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. Though hair loss varies from person to person, there are a few identifiable stages that characterize this type of hair loss.

Stage One
Barely noticeable hair loss. You may find a few more hairs in the shower or slightly less hair covering your forehead.

Stage Two
You will start to notice a receding hairline; however, your hair is still relatively thick at first. With time, your hair may become slightly more patchy, with hair loss targeted in specific areas, rather than the whole head.

Stage Three
You will begin to notice baldness at this stage. The recession will increase further back on your scalp and less hair will grow at the top of your head. This stage is commonly associated with bald spots.

Stage Four
There is more thinning hair at the front center of your scalp. A band of hair will connect both sides, but otherwise, the center part of your scalp will thin to baldness.

Stage Five
Sections of baldness will appear to be the size of a large orange. Already patchy hair at the center of your scalp will become thinner. All that remains at the front of the scalp is a triangular shaped area of hair, almost like a widow’s peak.

Stage Six
Any hair is concentrated at the back of the head with few hairs at the top of the scalp. Hair is dense at the base of the head but thin everywhere else.

Stage Seven
There is total baldness at the temporal and frontal regions except for a horseshoe-shaped band at the back of the neck.

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