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The League of Badass Bald Men

When you turn on the television, it’s difficult to avoid the abundance of advertisements for hair loss products. If you’re confronting hair loss or hair thinning, these commercials can feel like a personal affront. Fortunately, your television has some badass bald characters, so make sure to surf the channels for some of our favorite bald actors. These guys are reminders that you don’t need hair to be successful, funny, talented, or handsome.

The Characters of Ving Rhames

If you’re not familiar with his name, you’ll recognize him when you see him. Ving Rhames is in too many movies to list. One of his most notable roles in Luther Stickell in the Mission: Impossible franchise alongside Tom Cruise. Rhames is actually the only character, other than Cruise, who has been in all of the Mission: Impossible movies. Rhames is also in Pulp Fiction, Con Air, Lilo and Stitch, and The Proud Family. His charisma and talent have scored him a decades-long career in action films, animated shows, comedies, and dramas. The shinier the head, the brighter the star.

Walter White

One of the most beloved shows of the early 2010s, Breaking Bad introduced us to one of television’s most iconic characters in recent memory, Walter White. You either love Breaking Bad or you haven’t watched it yet. While dying from cancer, White attempts to amass wealth through illegal means to leave behind a legacy for surviving family members. In doing so, White finds a new purpose for living, and transitions from a sympathetic protagonist to a complicated and nefarious antihero. Spoiler alert: he’s pretty much bald through the whole show.

Image Credit: Breaking Bad Wiki

Luke Cage

Tony Stark, Captain America, Thor, Bruce Banner: in addition to all being Marvel superheroes, they all have thick locks of hair. While this is great, we need a solid bald hero to look up to, okay? Enter Luke Cage. Recently popularized by the eponymous Netflix show, Luke Cage is also a hero from the Marvel universe. He’s bulletproof, impossibly strong, and, most importantly, super bald. Is his baldness a source of strength? You could make that argument.

Image Credit: Slash Film

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