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UV Protection Following Scalp Micropigmentation

If you’ve recently had scalp micropigmentation sessions, your technician should’ve heavily emphasized the need for you to protect your scalp in the coming months. This is to help prevent the few side effects of SMP from being exacerbated (redness, itching, blurring, etc.). Protecting your scalp should include several different factors. There’s keeping the area hydrated, clean, and kept away from excessive heat, but perhaps the most important thing is to keep your scalp protected from sunlight.

This is especially important in between your sessions or during the first month after your last session, but it will remain important after that. During sunny days, it’s almost become second nature for some people to put sunscreen on the unprotected parts of their bodies, and if you’ve recently had scalp micropigmentation—especially to cover large bald spots—that should include your scalp. It’s quite easy to cover the area with a hat and call it a day, but for anyone who wants to change up that look, or is excited to show off their fresh new head of hair, the best thing is to put on a healthy layer of sunblock and bring the bottle with you.

Since another component of your routine should be hydrating your scalp, it may be worth it to spring for a lotion that contains sunblock, or vice versa. You’ll want to do this every time you go out without a hat, and it’s suggested that you do this indefinitely to preserve the look of SMP as best you can.

Adding the extra few minutes to your morning routine in putting on sunblock may preserve your look for much longer than if you didn’t. Since the sun can cause a look of extreme aging on unprotected parts of your body, using sunscreen can protect the entire effect for quite a while. Similarly, the ink used in SMP does not fare well under the ultraviolet light. Someone who fails to protect their scalp may have to come back in for touch-ups much earlier and much more frequently than those who chose to use sunblock.

If you have questions about your aftercare or are looking to start your first SMP treatment, call the artists at Hairline Ink to discuss questions, concerns, and consultation dates. You can contact them at (585) 250-0835 today!

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