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What are some medical reasons for hair loss?

It’s normal for all humans to lose a certain amount of hair a day. Generally, this number is between 50 to 150 strands, daily. However, if you begin to notice a significantly higher amount of hair loss—you need to clean your brushes more often, or you pull away more than 15 strands of hair when you brush with your hands—then it may be time to start looking into natural remedies to slow hair loss or even speak to your doctor. Most people will begin to experience a significant amount of hair loss in their life, but it’s never fun. There are four main causes for this:


It’s possible that your genes play a major role in your hair loss, usually causing male- or female-pattern baldness, otherwise known as alopecia hereditaria. You can look to both of your parents for the age at which you may begin to experience this (though your mother and mother’s side will end up being a better indicator), and expect receding hairlines or the thinning of your hair.


Many hormonal changes will occur in your body throughout your lifespan, usually resulting in temporary bouts of hair loss. This could be caused by a pregnancy, menopause, thyroid gland issues, and more.

Medical Conditions

Alopecia areata is a different strain of alopecia that is often far more drastic, resulting in seemingly random patches of complete hair loss around the scalp. Infections or skin disorders can lead to similarly patchy hair, though if treated correctly, should not be permanent. There are also mental disorders that may lead to hair loss, including trichotillomania, which urges people to pull their hair for seemingly no reason.


Pay close attention to the side effects of any medications you’re on, as they may cause temporary hair loss for the duration of the drug’s use.

There are a few other reasons people experience hair loss, including sudden lifestyle changes or long-term use of certain hairstyles. When you’re experiencing hair loss that’s become nearly unmanageable to try and hide, it may be time to consider a treatment like Scalp Micropigmentation. Speak to the technicians at Hairline Ink by calling (585) 250-0835 to set up an appointment or with additional questions.

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