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Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

What Consumers Need to Know About Scalp Micropigmentation Training

Scalp micropigmentation is a process that is permanent, so it’s important to know that the technician who performs the procedure is properly trained and understands the subtle techniques used in this procedure. Scalp micropigmentation may use ink and needles to replicate the 3D look of natural hair follicles on the scalp, but it is very different from applying permanent cosmetics or drawing tattoos.

Some artists mistakenly believe that their experience in tattooing qualifies them to work with clients who suffer from pattern baldness. However, the truth is that these skills do not prepare a person for the delicate and specialized touch that is needed during the scalp micropigmentation process. Other aspiring technicians choose to take the shortest route towards certification by obtaining training from schools run by “experts” who have limited experience themselves.

Scalp micropigmentation training schools have been operated in recent years by business moguls who are eager to launch companies designed with only one focus – making a profit. With little interest in actually improving the lives of their clients, these companies are committed to training their employees as quickly as possible so that more locations are able to open. Some of these companies even offer to “certify” anyone who is interested, regardless of experience, by sending them micropigmentation kits in the mail so they could learn at home using online instructional videos.

Unfortunately, these undertrained individuals have opened locations offering scalp micropigmentation across the nation, deceiving unsuspecting consumers into spending thousands of dollars for unacceptable results. As these companies continue to oversaturate the market, it isn’t until enough unsatisfied clients share their negative experiences that the company eventually goes out of business. By then, each clinic may have negatively affected the lives of hundreds of people because they didn’t have properly trained practitioners.

If you want to be happy with the outcome of your new hairline, you should be confident that you are trusting the most respected company in the industry. All of Hairline Ink’s locations were built on a foundation of authenticity and professionalism. Meet our excellent team of scalp micropigmentation experts and learn more about our treatments by calling us at (585) 250-0835.

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