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What is Female Pattern Baldness?

Hair loss in females is still misunderstood, and yet, it affects over 25-percent of women. The condition is known medically as “androgenetic alopecia,” and experts believe it has something to do with a person’s DNA. One or both parents may carry genes for hair loss, and when these get passed down to their children, balding can be triggered by hormones in the body. The hair loss can be located in the front of the scalp, on top of the head, or on the crown. Some people only experience thinning, while other cases are more severe.

Women who are above the age of 65 may be at a higher risk of developing female pattern baldness, but there are three main factors that increase the chances of losing your hair. Age, hereditary factors, and testosterone can all play a part in hair loss. Although the specific mechanisms of how or why our bodies lose hair is unknown, research has narrowed it down to changes in a woman’s hormone balance. Unfortunately, this can happen after puberty, pregnancy, or even menopause.

After menopause, women no longer produce oestrogen, an important hormone that counters the effects of testosterone. Without it’s counteracting effects, women’s bodies can suffer from dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes the hair follicles of the scalp to change. These hairs become smaller in diameter and do not grow as long. Eventually, the hair from these affected follicles become lighter in color and eventually stop growing altogether.

Women who lose hair after giving birth usually experience symptoms three months later. Dermatologists believe this may have something to do with hormone changes, emotional shock, and anaemia, but they say the hair will usually grow back in another three months. Although no cure is available, it is important to stay positive and understand that this condition is out of your control.

Women who suffer from the effects of female pattern baldness have a lot of options to conceal their condition. Support groups can be encouraging and instill confidence, wigs can make the wearer feel young again, and micropigmentation can provide permanent results. Don’t let female pattern baldness hold you back! Call the experts at Hairline Ink today at (585) 250-0835 for more information regarding the scalp micropigmentation process.

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