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What Is the Cause of Postpartum Hair Loss?

Giving birth changes a woman’s body in many ways. Postpartum depression is a well-known example of how a woman’s hormones can change drastically after childbirth. A lesser-known condition is postpartum hair loss in which women lose significant quantities of hair.

How Does Postpartum Hair Loss Happen?

Postpartum hair loss varies in severity. Some women pull out huge clumps of hair each time they shower, while others notice a more gradual but steady decrease in their hair volume. Either way, losing hair is always a negative experience, especially when it results in noticeable bald spots.

Not only does the amount of hair a woman can lose vary, so does the timing of the hair loss. Some women start losing clumps of hair in the first few months after giving birth, however, sometimes the hair loss happens a year later. Also, it may be experienced after every pregnancy or just one in particular.

What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss?

Science has yet to fully understand why postpartum hair loss occurs. Technically called postpartum alopecia; the condition affects roughly 90 percent of women after childbirth. Some doctors attribute postpartum hair loss to the sleep deprivation that comes with taking care of a newborn. Other doctors believe breastfeeding can lead to excessive hair loss.

The most common theory for postpartum hair loss blames hormones. During pregnancy, a woman’s high estrogen levels prevent hair from falling out at a normal rate. After childbirth, however, that estrogen level drops and hair begins falling out at a higher rate than it has in nine months.

What Treatments Work for Postpartum Hair Loss?

Though there is no cure for postpartum hair loss, there are several ways you can treat it. You can make small changes such as not styling your hair with high heat or better eating habits. If you are dealing with bald patches, you may want to speak with someone at Hairline Ink and learn more about the scalp micropigmentation process. To boost your confidence after hair loss, contact us today at 585-250-0835.

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