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What is the Scalp Micropigmentation Process?

There are several different treatment options for men and women who struggle with hair loss, and they all claim to be magical solutions. However, many hair loss treatments are overly expensive, ineffective, and unreliable. Instead of relying on surgery, hiding under wigs, or using experimental chemicals to reduce the symptoms of hair loss, scalp micropigmentation is a highly advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation that replicates the natural 3D look of hair follicles.

How it Works

The first thing we do at Hairline Ink is meet with each client during an initial consultation to review every option and determine what style of treatment might work best. This is not a sales pitch, and it can be done over the phone, through the internet, or in person. During this time, we will answer any questions you might have about the specific process, and we also get to know you better, so we have an accurate understanding of what you are hoping to achieve with this treatment.

Once we feel confident that we know precisely what our clients want, we can begin treatments. The first treatment is usually about 3-4 hours long, and the primary objective is to create a solid foundation for your new look. As our expert technicians perform the procedure, they are assisted by an advanced computer-controlled system, which was specifically designed to guarantee Hairline Ink delivers a consistent appearance across the client’s scalp every time. Afterward, we ask our clients to avoid excessive sweating and direct sunlight to their scalps for at least four days.

We recommend that each client wait at least six days before returning for a second treatment. This ensures that enough time has passed for the ink to settle, and it helps the practitioner and the client identify any areas of the scalp that need to be revisited. The second treatment usually requires less time, and the practitioner will finalize the treatment by filling in minor details to bring the scalp micropigmentation to life. At this point, the process is complete. Clients who wish to go even darker can schedule a third treatment, but this usually isn’t necessary.

This specialized scalp micropigmentation technique has been refined and mastered by the experts at Hairline Ink. Call (585) 250-0835 to learn more about this effective and permanent solution for hair loss.

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