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What to Expect After Your Treatment

So you’re done with either your second or third Scalp Micropigmentation session. Congrats! There’s nothing better than walking out with a renewed hairline and sense of confidence. However, keep in mind that there are some things to remember in maintaining your look. There are numerous short- and long-term factors to getting Scalp Micropigmentation, but here are the most important ones to keep track of.

In the short term, maintenance is key in preventing complications from occurring immediately post-treatment. Once you walk out the clinic doors, your scalp is even more sensitive to common external factors, like sun and water. Direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided for obvious reasons. Getting a sunburn is painful, but imagine getting it on your sensitive scalp after SMP. To combat this, wear a hat or sunscreen for the first month. Also, SMP practitioners advise avoiding getting your head wet at least four days post-treatment. By wet, this means minimal sweating or washing your scalp. Try to stay home or plan accordingly if you find yourself in a setting where exposure may occur. It’s just for the first month though. After that, you should be free to live your life as you were before.

In the long term, you no longer have to worry about how you look. SMP looks realistic and goes undetected by the human eye or even by a camera. So smile! You look great. No need to worry about fading either, because unlike tattoos (commonly compared to SMP), the ink doesn’t turn blue. Slight fading may occur as time goes by, but it’s usually years before clients come back for touch-ups. With proper maintenance and maintaining exposure to sun, your look will last longer.

Overall, the benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation do wonders beyond improving the look of your scalp. The things you must do short term is imperative, and luckily, fairly easy to keep up with. In turn, maintenance during the first month sets up success in the long run. If you find yourself wanting more information, check us out on www.hairlineink.com.

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