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Scalp Micropigmentation

What to Expect During Your Second and Third Sessions

About a week has passed since your first Scalp Micropigmentation visit, and since most clinics offer two sessions per treatment, you must be due for another. Luckily, the second and third times are the same song and dance as the first one. There should be no surprises, but depending on how the first session went, there may still be unanswered questions about the rest of the procedure.

Most clinics ask that you wait at least a week between the first and second sessions, but you’ll get to your second session at an accelerated speed since there will be no paperwork or extra things to check off before you get in the seat. Once you’re in the room, your practitioner will do an examination to assess the progress of your scalp from the previous treatment. Slight fading of the pigment is common, but no worries if it has faded too much because it will be corrected during this visit. As a side note, a color change may be experienced with direct exposure to ultraviolet light.

The second session is dedicated to filling in the foundation from last time. Your practitioner will darken the shade, allowing your look to really come alive. This is also where the SMP and actual hairs are blended together for a seamless look. And as for the level of pain (no surprises here), it will be the similar to the first. This is also the time to ask for any adjustments. Perhaps you changed your mind and wanted your hairline at a different level. Whatever your heart’s content, your practitioner will do all they can to ensure that you’re satisfied.

The third treatment is optional, with a longer waiting time between sessions to let the scalp heal. This time is either for those wanting to go a shade darker, or if your practitioner finds another session is needed to complete your look. However, a large majority of clients just need two as long as they properly maintain their look.

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