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Treating Alopecia

When Scalp Micropigmentation and Alopecia Universalis go Head to Head

Nowadays, to an extent, it is possible to camouflage alopecia universalis with the use of high-quality micropigmentation techniques.

When taking into account all of the forms of alopecia, universalis is the most severe. It typically begins in the form of alopecia areata, which refers to patchy hair loss on the head. This can later progress to alopecia totalis, which is a complete and total loss of all head hair, eyebrows, as well as eyelashes. It is only in the rarest of cases that this condition can spread to all parts of the body, which is known as alopecia universalis and is also a very challenging form of alopecia.

Even though alopecia areata is sometimes able to be treated with corticosteroid injections, this remedy is not able to help those suffering from alopecia universalis because the affected area is too large for this form of treatment. In addition, because of the severity of alopecia universalis, there is not a good chance that the hair will actually ever grow back at all. In the highly unlikely event that the hair does actually grow back, the possibility of these symptoms returning at a later date is high.

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of those who suffer from alopecia universalis, this is just something that they must learn to live with because, even though some remedies do exist, these remedies will not cure those afflicted with alopecia universalis, let alone reduce the condition’s effects.

While there is no 100 percent cure, scalp micropigmentation, sometimes abbreviated SMP, has been proven to work as an effective cover-up for alopecia universalis. An increasing number of individuals, especially those who have been suffering the long-term effects of alopecia universalis are choosing to receive treatments of scalp micropigmentation. SMP works both to make the appearance of these symptoms less severe and to reduce rude stares and insensitive comments from strangers, which reduce the confidence of those afflicted with alopecia universalis.

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