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Why Hair Transplant Surgery is Not a Viable Option for Those With Alopecia Areata

Most sufferers of Alopecia Areata are said to experience their first outbreak before they even reach adulthood. If you’ve been living most of your life with the condition, you’ve probably heard, on more than one occasion, and experienced that your hair growth pattern is unpredictable. This is the basis for the reason that hair transplants don’t work well for people with this specific disease.

Most people who undergo a hair transplant have a large area of the head that is consistently bald with a fairly stagnant hairline. Since a hair transplant has two steps—harvesting and transplanting—this invariability of hair loss is incredibly important. If a surgeon were to harvest follicles that were not safe from the disease, then the transplant would not work anywhere. On the other hand, it’s incredibly difficult to predict exactly where transplants are necessary. If you have new bald patches every few months, even predictive transplants can go poorly. One of the few areas where a predictive transplant may be good would be on the eyebrows.

Most cases of Alopecia Areata are better treated with steroids, either applied topically or via an injection. This is only one of a few options still available for those with the condition who are not candidates for a hair transplant. One of the other treatments that works remarkably well for these patients is scalp micropigmentation. This is a noninvasive, permanent solution for those with balding or alopecia. Similar to a tattoo, but distinct, ink is placed beneath the skin, using tiny needles to simulate the appearance of natural, closely shaven hair follicles. The treatment occurs over two to three sessions depending on the current state of your hair and how thick you’d like it to work.

To discuss the treatment with skilled professionals, contact Hairline Ink at (585) 250-0835. The artists at Hairline Ink have practiced their trade for many years now, and many have undergone the treatment themselves, with fantastic results. If you’ve lived your entire life without the solutions you need to feel confident, it’s an excellent time to consider scalp micropigmentation as the solution for you.

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