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Why You Should Shave Your Head

For many men, losing hair can be a source of insecurity, self-doubt, and embarrassment. It makes sense, as your hair is often a key sign of virility and masculinity, and taking that away can be devastating. Many people break out the hats and beanies, hoping they can pull off the look, but we suggest a different route: shave your head. There are several reasons this can be fun and exciting even for those most attached to their once-full head of hair. Here are six reasons below:

Saving Money
When you make the decision to shave your own hair, all you need is one easy down-payment of $30-$50 on some clippers and razors for your head. Give yourself your own nice, clean shave and cut the barber out of the mix!

Balding Celebrities
It’s time we stop pretending we don’t like bald men. It’s an attractive look that many men, old and young, have started to embrace—including celebrities.

The First Plunge
Many men agree that the first shave is always the best. The air on your head, taking showers are a breeze, haircare goes out the window. If you preempt your hair loss with a clean shave, people will think it’s a style, not a compromise.

Grow a Beard
Many people find that they don’t enjoy how facial hair looks while they have a full head of hair, but a classic look is the bald head and beard combo. You should try it out!

Shaving your hair for the first time is a big step, and it takes quite a bit of courage to go through with it. Taking your looks back into your own hands is empowering, and people will respond to your newfound sense of self.

When you’re looking to maintain a freshly-shaved look when you’re completely bald, many men come to Hairline Ink for scalp micropigmentation. The extremely realistic pattern gives off the impression of a freshly shaved head full of hair. Take charge of your own confidence and give the team a call at (585) 250-0835 today.

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