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Does Procerin Really Work?

Procerin is a dietary supplement that boasts it is a wonder-supplement for those suffering from male pattern baldness. According to its website, you may start seeing noticeable results in as little as a few weeks after you start using it. Not only does it reverse the pattern of hair loss, but it also regenerates dull […]

Can Nanogen Nanoguard Prevent Hair Loss?

Nanogen Nanoguard is a special shampoo that claims to reduce hair loss and encourage hair thickening in men and women. But does it really work? Dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT, is the universally recognized culprit of unwanted hair loss. Nanogen, the company that produces Nanoguard, says the shampoo works to lower DHT levels on your […]

Does coconut oil really stop you from going bald?

It seems that every few weeks there’s a new trend touted as a cure-all to prevent baldness and improve hair growth. Coconut oil has a number of proven health benefits – it can improve cardiovascular health, reduce food cravings, and could even increase your body’s production of good cholesterol. But when it comes to what […]

Do Hair Transplants Actually Work?

Hair loss is so common in both men and women around the world that hair transplants are an equally common procedure. During a hair transplant, a doctor will take hair from an area on your scalp or body with lots of thick hair and replant it to the part of your scalp that is thinning […]

Can swimming pools cause you to lose your hair?

The health benefits of swimming regularly are numerous. It builds muscle, strengthens your heart, and builds stamina. It’s a great workout and keeps your body in tip-top shape. But could swimming in a chlorinated pool have negative effects on your skin and hair? All swimming pools contain chlorine, a chemical used to disinfect the pools. […]

Can Nizoral shampoo help prevent hair loss?

Nizoral shampoo is a well-known anti-dandruff shampoo that treats dry, itchy skin on your scalp. It contains ketoconazole, a drug that fights the fungus that causes scalp itchiness and dandruff production. But can it also help prevent hair thinning and baldness? What is Ketoconazole? Ketoconazole generally comes as a topical cream or as an active […]

Can Hair Loss Caused By Chemotherapy Be Prevented?

Hair loss caused by chemotherapy is one side effect of cancer treatment that people dread the most. Hair loss or thinning hair is often a blatant giveaway that someone is going through chemotherapy, which could be something that person is not comfortable sharing with the rest of the world. But is there a way to […]

Can Stem Cells Treat Hair Loss?

Stem cells are the most versatile component of the body because they can morph and develop into whatever type of cell the body needs most. Where all other cells in the body only perform a specific task for the specific organ they are assigned to, stem cells can divide an unlimited amount of times and […]

Can eggs prevent hair loss?

When people begin to notice their hair shedding or thinning, they tend to seek out a variety of methods, natural or artificial, to slow it down. For some, this could be hair transplants or a trip to the dermatologist. But what if the solution was sitting in a carton in your fridge? Eggs preventing hair […]

Can Cinnamon Really Stop You From Losing Your Hair?

Hair loss is one of the most common cosmetic concerns in the United States today. Both men and women lose their hair, either from aging or due to conditions such as alopecia. There is a litany of products in pharmacies geared toward helping people prevent or even reverse hair loss. But what if a natural […]

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