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Repairing Bad Hair Treatments with Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair loss, regardless of its cause, is extremely common in the United States. In fact, recent studies reveal that as much as 85% of men in the U.S. who are over the age of 50 report thinning hair. While some causes of hair loss are reversible, the vast majority of men and women who experience hair loss will have permanent and irreversible effects. Because of the loss of self-esteem that can accompany hair thinning or loss, many men and women undergo various hair treatment procedures in attempt to mask the effects of their hair loss.

Sadly, not all of these endeavors are successful, and individuals far too frequently are forced to suffer serious aesthetic and physical side effects of a bad hair loss treatment that was meant to improve their lives —not make things worse. While many of the repair jobs we see here at Hairline Ink are to repair hair transplants that haven’t gone as planned, or to cover up the scarring left by a hair transplant procedure, we have also seen an increase in the number of people who come to us needing assistance after receiving a bad scalp micropigmentation procedure from another company. Fortunately for them, we’re able to give their sad stories a happy ending, and fix the original poor quality procedure; finally giving them the look they deserve.

Repairing a Bad Hair Transplant

Many individuals who are experiencing either hair thinning or hair loss will undergo a hair transplant procedure in an attempt to re-start the natural growth of hair. However, these procedures are invasive, requiring the transplantation of sections of the scalp that are still producing hair to sections of the scalp that are experiencing either hair thinning or loss. Unfortunately, hair transplants are not always successful, as many recipients’ bodies reject the scalp transplant and fail to re-grow any new hair.

Because of the very nature of these procedures, recipients are frequently left with extremely visible, unsightly scars. Especially for those who do not experience any hair re-growth, the presence of these scars can be extremely disconcerting, and for some, cause more of a problem and a concern than the hair loss they were initially seeking to mask.

Repairing Bad Scalp Micropigmentation

Compared to other hair loss treatment options, including hair transplants, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) offers a number of significant benefits and advantages. However, like any procedure, the effects of scalp micropigmentation are only as good as the technicians performing the procedure itself. Because of the increasing popularity of scalp micropigmentation, a number of unskilled, inexperienced practitioners have attempted to break into the market and have started offering low quality micropigmentation services, subjecting their clients to further distress when their inexperience causes these procedures to go badly.

Scalp micropigmentation is an extremely delicate and precise procedure, which is why our All-Star Practitioners here at Hairline Ink truly consider the practice to be an art form. When inexperienced technicians experiment with real people’s lives, the results can be disastrous. Whether an incorrect pigment is chosen for a person, or it is applied at the incorrect depth or with incorrect spacing, what should have been a natural-looking way to mask hair loss quickly becomes a beacon for unwanted attention.

Many of the bad scalp micropigmentation examples that we see here in our offices are the result of tattoo artists and permanent makeup specialists who believe that our craft is the same as theirs, and as such, assume that they are capable of providing clients with this extremely specific, nuanced service. Sadly, this simply is not true. Choosing the right tone and mixing dyes perfectly for a scalp micropigmentation procedure is VERY different from the mixing that tattoo artists perform, and as such, requires very specialized training and experience.

Additionally, incorrect application of dye on the scalp can result in an extremely blotchy outcome, with dots that are far too large to convey the appearance of natural hair. Such mistakes completely undercut the entire purpose of scalp micropigmentation procedures, and draw unwanted attention to the poor job that has been done. In almost all instances, this appearance is the direct result of pigment being placed too far beneath the surface of the skin – a direct result of inexperienced practitioners.

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About Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a revolutionary and guaranteed solution to the problems caused by hair loss and thinning. This delicate procedure, similar in nature to tattooing, uses tiny needles to place carefully-mixed pigment below the surface of your scalp. This pigment is placed in a carefully designed pattern, either in select locations or across the entirety of your scalp to help create the three dimensional appearance of a full head of hair.

For individuals who are experiencing localized hair thinning, scalp micropigmentation can be used to fill in areas that are thin and patchy, creating the illusion of fullness in areas where sections of scalp once broke through.

For those who are experiencing more widespread hair loss, scalp micropigmentation can be applied to the entirety of a person’s scalp. Our experienced team will carefully work with you to create a detailed plan for how scalp micropigmentation will be applied to you, specifically. We will create a natural hairline for you and then apply pigment carefully and accurately across the head so that when everything is said and done, your scalp will present an appearance similar to that of hair starting to re-grow on a head that has been shaved.

At Hairline Ink, we offer a fast, simple process to effectively mask the effects of hair thinning or loss. Your initial consultation will mostly be dedicated to planning. We will talk with you about the scalp micropigmentation process, your hopes and goals, and then we will create a very careful, detailed plan of action for providing you with the results you desire. On your first visit, we will actually begin the scalp micropigmentation process. We are typically conservative with your initial treatment, and will lay the foundational work that will then be completed in your second session. This second session is where we really fill in your scalp, creating depth by adding a slightly darker pigment.

For some clients, the second session will be their final visit to our office. However, depending on an individual’s specific wishes, some clients may choose to undergo a third session where we can add an even darker shade of pigment. In most cases, this third session is specifically requested by the client.

While every individual’s experience will be different, and timelines could be longer or shorter if we are looking to repair a bad hair treatment, most of our clients are able to move through the entire scalp micropigmentation process in as few as 3 or 4 visits, including the initial consultation.

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If you’ve received a bad scalp micropigmentation or hair transplant from another provider, we know that your trust has been broken and that you likely have very valid skepticism for trusting someone again. However, individuals struggling with hair loss and the unexpected effects of hair loss treatments gone wrong travel from across the country to seek out our All-Star Team of practitioners and benefit from their unmatched skills, extensive experience, and genuine passion.

At Hairline Ink, our business is making you look and feel your absolute best, and we are committed to earning your trust, no matter what you’ve already experienced in your journey. To learn more about scalp micropigmentation and how Hairline Ink can change your life, contact us here or call us today at 833-HAIR-INK / 833-424-7465 !

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Whatever your circumstances may be, the entire team at Hairline Ink are passionate about helping individuals suffering from all forms of hair loss. Each member of our All-Star Team has personally dealt with hair loss / hair loss related confidence issues and eventually turned to Scalp Micropigmentation. Our goal- to help people suffering from any and all forms of hair loss to look and feel their absolute best.

We at Hairline Ink truly view our practitioners’ work as a form of art, and our talented technicians pour their passion into each and every client they work with. All of our practitioners not only preform SMP, but have also found SMP as the solution in their own lives. Having experienced hair loss themselves, our practitioners know just how emotional this issue is for individuals, and want you to know that we understand exactly what you’re going through.

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