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For various reasons, hair loss, whether minor or more extensive, can affect young and old individuals, men and women alike. Genetics, medicine use, trauma, or autoimmune disorders can cause hair loss.

While hair loss is not always an indicator of a more serious medical complication, many people seek treatment options due to anxiety and self-confidence loss from hair loss. One common approach many people take when trying to restart hair growth in areas of loss is undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

Here at Hairline Ink, we know that hair loss can occur for many different reasons, and that choosing a treatment option that works with your life and goals can be extremely difficult and personal. Fortunately, we have helped thousands of people like you find an affordable, safe, and permanent solution to hair thinning and hair loss, thanks to an advanced treatment option called scalp micropigmentation (SMP). Whether used on its own or in conjunction with other treatment options, like hair transplants, scalp micropigmentation can help individuals mask hair loss, hair thinning, and even scars to secure the look and self-confidence they seek.

After an unsuccessful hair transplant & over 1,000 unsuccessful grafts, Lamar W came to Hairline Ink to defy his hair loss & finally end his frustration. Lamar’s first session left him feeling very excited, saying “It looks great and I still have another session to perfect it!”

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About Hair Transplant Procedures

Individuals hoping to stimulate hair regrowth on parts of their head that have experienced hair loss utilize two main hair transplant procedures. The most popular is a procedure known as strip excision harvesting.

Doctors transplant hair-growing scalp sections to bald areas in this procedure. A typical procedure lasts between four to eight hours. In these procedures, doctors will numb a portion of an individual’s scalp, remove 3- to 4-inches of the hair-producing scalp, and divide this into hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of smaller grafts. The surgeon will stitch shut the location from which they removed the grafts.

Next, surgeons create small incisions in bald areas and insert the grafts. Expect the transplanted hair to fall out over the next few weeks. Transplanted areas should start growing hair naturally 6-9 months later. Some transplant recipients can experience as much as 60% of their natural hair growth following a hair transplant procedure.

Another hair transplant option is follicular unit extraction or FUE. Although less common than strip excision harvesting, follicular unit extraction does provide a hair transplant option that requires less recovery time and keeps recipients from having a large, linear scar. In FUE procedures, much smaller amounts of hair-producing scalp-holding individual follicles with 1-4 strands of hair are removed and carefully inserted into tiny incisions in the scalp. These implantations are done in a very precise pattern and arrangement to create the appearance of natural hair growth.

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About Scalp Micropigmentation

Unlike hair transplant procedures, scalp micropigmentation is an immediate and non-invasive way for individuals to mask the effects of widespread or localized hair loss. Like getting a tattoo, scalp micropigmentation involves injecting small amounts of pigment underneath the skin in a widespread series of tiny dots placed across the scalp by a precise computer-controlled system. Post-procedure, the matched pigment simulates the illusion of natural hair regrowth.

Individuals with minor or significant hair loss can use scalp micropigmentation to cover the entire scalp or fill in isolated hair loss patches or thinning. For most of our clients, the scalp micropigmentation process proceeds as follows:

  • During your initial consultation, you will meet with members of our dedicated team to discuss your desires and to create a plan of action for dealing with your hair thinning or hair loss.
  • Once we create this detailed plan, treatment can begin on your first visit to our clinic. At this time, we will begin adding pigment under the skin on your scalp in the area or areas that you would like to see addressed. In order to help create as realistic of an appearance as possible, this first session will only involve a first pass at adding pigment to your skin. You may notice some redness on your scalp, but overall, the level of pain that you feel should be minimal.
  • On your second visit, we will fill out the scalp micropigmentation, creating the appearance of a dense and full head of hair. For many of our patients, this second visit to our clinic will be their final visit, and they will leave with a permanent solution to their hair loss or hair thinning concerns.
  • Depending on an individual’s unique circumstances, some clients will need to return to our clinic for a third and final appointment, at which point their treatment should be complete.

Although scalp micropigmentation offers several advantages over other hair loss solutions, you can use it alongside these different treatment options to create a comprehensive approach. Individuals may often undergo scalp micropigmentation before and after a hair transplant to achieve their ultimate aesthetic goals.

Why Use Scalp Micropigmentation along with a Hair Transplant

Although scalp micropigmentation offers several advantages over other hair loss solutions, you can use it alongside these different treatment options to create a comprehensive approach. Individuals may often undergo scalp micropigmentation before and after a hair transplant to achieve their ultimate aesthetic goals.

As such, many men and women are contemplating scalp micropigmentation before opting for hair transplants. Scalp micropigmentation before a hair transplant can conceal hair loss, offering some waiting time. Additionally, should the hair transplant fail, the individual will still have a solution to mask the effects of their hair loss.

Even if an individual chooses to undergo a hair transplant procedure first, they can still receive scalp micropigmentation after their transplant procedure in order to fill in any areas in which hair failed to re-grow or to help hide some of the scars that can result from a hair transplant. While specific timelines may differ, we generally advise receiving scalp micropigmentation a month before a hair transplant. We recommend waiting for at least a year for post-transplant scalp micropigmentation.

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"I looked at all the options that are out there. One day I stumbled into SMP also called scalp micro pigmentation. I took a leap of faith with Hairline ink and my faith turned into a miracle. I don't think I could ever put in words how I feel. God Bless."

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Scalp Micropigmentation Overview

Whatever your circumstances may be, the entire team at Hairline Ink are passionate about helping individuals suffering from all forms of hair loss. Each member of our All-Star Team has personally dealt with hair loss / hair loss related confidence issues and eventually turned to Scalp Micropigmentation. Our goal- to help people suffering from any and all forms of hair loss to look and feel their absolute best.

We at Hairline Ink truly view our practitioners’ work as a form of art, and our talented technicians pour their passion into each and every client they work with. All of our practitioners not only preform SMP, but have also found SMP as the solution in their own lives. Having experienced hair loss themselves, our practitioners know just how emotional this issue is for individuals, and want you to know that we understand exactly what you’re going through.

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