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Hairline Ink clients come from all walks of life and from all backgrounds – from those suffering with alopecia and scars from traumatic events, to those who simply want to feel better about themselves and regain their youthful sense of confidence.

Everyone has their own story to tell, and they all have different reasons for taking this final step. But, whether it’s male pattern baldness, naturally thinning female hair, or a lifetime of dealing with scars or other physical conditions, often their stories have the same ending: Scalp Micropigmentation from Hairline Ink.

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Alex BEATS hair loss w/ Hairline Ink, says NO MORE HATS! 

Alex is a young, fashionable guy whose energy, positivity, and wardrobe filled with brightly colored Volcom and Neff apparel would leave you assuming he’s 29, maybe 30 years old. But catch him without his signature flat-bill hat and you’ll realize that hidden underneath the youthful apparel is a 40-year-old man who has struggled with hair loss since his early 20s.
Cancer Survivor Jonathan G. Loses Hair in Chemotherapy, Finds Hair Loss Solution in SMP
See how Hairline Ink client, Jonathan Greene, had his “wildest expectations” exceeded “tenfold” by the stunning treatment he received with Hairline Ink. Greene lost his hair as the result of chemotherapy treatment he underwent when it was discovered that he had a brain tumor. After eventually conquering the tumor, the only remaining battle was with his resulting hair loss.
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Chad’s Story ⇒ Before & After Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Loss Solution
Watch Chad every step of the way as he embarks on his Scalp Micropigmentation journey. When Chad first heard of Scalp Micropigmentation, he questioned its legitimacy as most people do when looking at any hair loss solution treatment or product. With so many illegitimate options out there, it’s wise to approach things with a healthy dose of caution and skepticism.

Hair Loss in Women: LIFE CHANGING Treatment for
Thinning Hair

Watch as Alyson undergoes her Scalp Micropigmentation treatment, from the first hour to the last. Hair loss in women is very common, though Alyson felt as though she was the only person to have heard of this new women’s hair loss treatment. She wants every one of her friends and other women to try out this treatment as she is only one of many women who can say they’ve tried everything with no lasting results.
Straight Hairline Treatment on Hispanic Client | Performed by Chris Lopez
Hair is an essential part of many people’s personal image. It dictates your style and can send a strong message about who you are a person. When you are suffering from hair loss, however, you cannot control how your hair looks, and you may be feeling frustrated or lacking confidence in your look. Watch as Jose Rodriguez discusses his struggles with hair loss and the solution he found that really works.
Solving Mens Hair Loss with Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo
Male pattern baldness is the culprit behind the majority of hair loss cases in men. Like many people, J.P. Vanikiotis first noticed the extent of his hair loss when he was looking at old photos from high school. At 25, he was shocked to see how much hair he had already lost. J.P came to us when he was 36 and had tried a Bosley treatment with disappointing results. He wanted results that were natural, and our services delivered.
Hair Loss Treatment For Black Men Using Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)
Through playing basketball on the weekends, Jonathan Coley was no stranger to the fade away. However, when his hairline started to fade, the rebound was a bit more difficult. Like countless other men, when Jon’s hairline began to dissipate, so did his confidence. After three sessions, Jon’s scalp looks freshly shaved, and he couldn’t look more pleased with the results.
Before + After Scalp Micropigmentation | Matt Visits Hairline Ink Chicago
Follow Matt as he reveals why he decided to undergo scalp micropigmentation with Hairline Ink as the solution for his hair loss, what he thinks after the first treatment, and his reaction to the final results. Although he wasn’t always sure this treatment was right for him, he ended up going for it, and he couldn’t be happier with his new look. With his newfound confidence, he is ready for the anything the future holds.
Hair Loss Solution for Philip with Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)
Philip reinvented his look through scalp micropigmentation, an effective solution for male pattern baldness. The results are unmistakable, and Philip can’t believe how realistic the end result looks. His decision to undergo treatment was not an easy one to make, and he discusses some of the considerations that went into this permanent solution.
Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) in San Antonio at Hairline Ink

Hair loss isn’t a choice, but how you feel about it is up to you. In this video, Hairline Ink client Chris comes into our San Antonio clinic to reinvent the way he looks, and restore his confidence back to its former glory. “I always like the shaved head look…So I really liked the fact that I could come do this, get that clean look and get [my] hairline back” says Chris.

19 Yr Old David’s Touching Story: Alopecia Treatment Through Scalp Micropigmentation by Hairline Ink
At age 3, Hairline Ink client David Hernandez was diagnosed with alopecia areata, a condition that causes hair loss, which progressed gradually throughout his life. Although he knew about his alopecia early, it seemed to reach its worst condition during David’s senior year of high school, during which he lost a full head of hair over a relatively short period of time. Hairline Ink is proud to help David regain any self confidence lost from his condition, as he rocks his new look like a boss!
Cosmetic Hair Tattoo for Patrick from Afghanistan

Patrick stumbled across one of our other testimonial videos and followed his heart into our Manhattan office, and now here he is sitting on the other side of the camera. When asked whether or not Mr. Simon felt his treatment was worth it, he remarked definitively that it was the best money he’s ever spent.

Beyond the Ink, Vol 3: Emotional SMP Treatment Reveal by Hairline Ink

Life with hair loss can be a very real struggle. In this video, Hairline Ink (HLI) scalp micropigmentation client, Harvey, shares with us the story of his hair loss journey, from trying products like “Cabooki”, to constantly wearing hats in an attempt to cover up his hair loss, to the emotional tear-jerking reveal of his treatment with Hairline Ink. As Harvey looks at his finished treatment for the first time, you can see how powerful and emotional the moment is.

A Closer Look Pt. 1: “THE STRUGGLE”
Introducing Hairline Ink’s BRAND NEW Video Series: “A Closer Look”. In this series, real Hairline Ink clients give you a closer look at who we are, and what scalp micropigmentation means to them. In today’s series premiere our clients tell you personal stories about their struggle with hair loss, and how Hairline Ink helped them end their struggle.
A Closer Look Pt. 3: “CONFIDENCE”
In this video, people just like you talk about how hair loss has affected their confidence over the years, and how they feel after having their confidence restored with Hairline Ink.
Bad Hair Tattoo FIXED By Hairline Ink Chicago
Like many of our clients, Tyler Giver first experimented with Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) with another practitioner which resulted in a bad hair tattoo treatment. Unfortunately, their work left his hair looking faded, even after five appointments. After his first session, Tyler was satisfied with his results. In his words, “it looks absolutely 110% better” compared to his last job.
A Closer Look Pt. 4: “CHANGED MY LIFE” • By Hairline Ink
The struggle of living with hair loss affects many areas of life. In this video, you hear about the life changing impact that our services have had on countless people who were searching for the solution to their hair loss problems.
Beyond the Ink, Vol 2: Life Changing SMP at Hairline Ink New York
After an unsuccessful hair transplant & over 1,000 unsuccessful grafts, Lamar W came to Hairline Ink to defy his hair loss & finally end his frustration. Lamar’s first session left him feeling very excited, saying “It looks great and I still have another session to perfect it!”
SMP Chicago • Mike Muszynski Testimonial • By Hairline Ink

Fred Boyd has been suffering from hair loss for many years. Eventually he decided to give Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) a try & was satisfied with the results.

A Closer Look Pt. 5: “REALISTIC”
A lot of people hear about scalp micropigmentation and their first thought is: “Similar to tattooing? There’s no way it can look real!.” Today, past Hairline Ink clients answer the question “Does it look realistic?” We think you will be surprised to hear just how natural it really is.
A Closer Look Pt. 6: SMP “PAIN LEVEL”
Another common question we get is: “How much does it hurt?” Because of the similarity with tattooing, scalp micropigmentation is often thought to be EXACTLY the same. While there are similarities between the two, there are also many differences, including the level of pain. While many would answer with “No pain, no gain”, we decided to let you hear the answer directly from our clients.
Artist Spotlight: MICHAL MUSZYNSKI • Hairline Ink
Because Hairline Ink was founded to be the irrefutable leaders of the industry, we vowed to create a team of ‘All Stars’, based off what we knew it takes to produce only the best work in the world. And that’s why we couldn’t be more proud to introduce the newest member of Hairline Ink’s All Star Team & Lead Practitioner of our new Chicago office: Michal “Magic Mike” Muszynski.
Client’s Surprised Reaction After SMP Treatment • at Hairline Ink
Watch as the world renowned SMP artists at Hairline Ink show a client his finished treatment for the very first time. Reactions like this are why we at Hairline Ink do what we do.

Professional Tattoo Artist Finds Hair Loss Solution with Hairline Ink

As a tattoo artist, Cruz was fully aware of the impact of any pigmentation treatment, which he found reassuring as he knew the treatment would last for a while, ultimately leading him to give it a try. After the standard two sessions of treatment, Jorge was incredibly pleased with his results and recommends Hairline Ink to all those looking for a permanent hair loss solution.
Industry Experts at Hairline Ink: Beautifully Executed Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment
Built upon a foundation of authenticity and driven by a passion for changing lives, Hairline Ink specializes in Scalp Micropigmentation to help you win the fight against hair loss, restore your confidence, and reinvent the way you look.
A Closer Look Pt. 2: “THE SOLUTION”

A vast majority of hair loss ‘solutions’ are unreasonably expensive, and shockingly ineffective. In this video, Hairline Ink clients talk about their negative experiences with other hair loss ‘solutions’, and how Hairline Ink & scalp micropigmentation was the permanent solution they had been searching for.

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