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As a 32-year-old from Farmland, Indiana, Tyler Giver came to Hairline Ink hesitant but excited for his treatment. His hair loss began when he was 19 and caused low self-esteem throughout his life. When he finally decided to try Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) with a practitioner close to home, he was disappointed by the results. He wanted a clean-shaven style that would put his worries to rest. Instead, Tyler found his hair looking faded. Hairline Ink helps individuals struggling with the poor results of previous hair restoration methods, and we were excited to rejuvenate Tyler’s look.

By the end of his sessions, Tyler told us he was “more than happy” and that he would 100% recommend the procedure to anyone struggling with baldness and trying to hide it. Call us today at 585-250-0835 or complete this form for more information about SMP and to discover whether the procedure could restore your self-confidence as it did for Tyler.



I was very hesitant at first like I said,

after having a bad micro pigmentation… (from another practitioner) at that point, you’re like, 

“Can anybody fix this? What’s going to happen if this one doesn’t take?”

After having it done, I’d tell anybody, just go for it!

I’m extremely satisfied.

I started going bald when I was about 19 years old and self-esteem was low.

So I got further into looking into Scalp Micropigmentation 

and I ended up trying to stay local, something close to home.

Bad idea.

They overcharged me and just poor results.

About 5 or 6 treatments in, it just faded really bad.

Kept giving me the, “we’ll fix it” or “a little more money here and there.”

Finally, I just realized, this ain’t working for me.

Looked a little further into things and ran across Hairline Ink.

Everything I had seen was good results, no complaints what so ever.

So I gave you a call, did some talking, and here I am!

Pretty pumped up about it. Nervous, but pumped up.

I’d like to get the positivity back in my life.

After session one, I feel good about the outcome of it so far.

Time put into it… and patience. It looks absolutely 110% better.

Just from what I’ve seen already, the outcome of it is going to just blow me away.

Whey they seen it, they all thought it was great. They liked the way it looked, it blended in real well.

Well positive feedback from people who’ve seen it prior too when it was a total train wreck.

It didn’t look right and had straight lines down the side and now it comes out more like a natural flowing hairline.

I’m looking forward to this next one just to get finished and see the full results.

I’m ready!

More than happy, honestly.

A lot better than what I experienced before.

A thousand times better.

I’d 100% recommend it. 

A lot of people at first aren’t sure or scared at first but I wish I would have done it a heck of a lot sooner.

Goals I had were basically to just correct the past errors and mistakes 

and getting that dead on look I was looking for.

It’s turned out way better than what I ever dreamed of.

People are going to see it and just say, “this guy has a nice shaved look.”

Less worries, low maintenance. 

I’d say it was a very pleasing and good experience.

Anybody hesitant that’s been struggling baldness and been hiding it, 

wanting this and that, leave the hair plugs to the side.

I wouldn’t stress on that.

But do your research!

Here at Hairline Ink, I am completely satisfied.

The best results come from the best people. Hairline Ink's heart and soul is a combination of both, our clients and our practitioners. This is what sets us apart in the industry.

The best results come from the best people. Hairline Ink's heart and soul is a combination of both, our clients and our practitioners. This is what sets us apart in the industry.

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