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Treating Alopecia

Defined Hairlines Before and After Scalp Micropigmentation

The definition of your hairline is largely up to you. For many, the definition of your hairline can be determined by how close to your forehead it is, how full it is, or even how straight it is. Most people come to Hairline Ink because they feel like their specific hairline doesn’t match their definition of “defined”. This includes those with male or female pattern baldness, who may have a thick, straight hairline that has grown away from the forehead. Those with alopecia areata, on the other hand, may have an incredibly patchy hairline. Even more may have a hairline that is simply jagged or slanted. Those people may want to straighten out their hairlines.

The definition of your hairline is entirely up to you when you walk through our doors. We have a few different options:

The first is a Soft Hairline or a Widow’s Peak

This style of the hairline is to go for as realistic a solution as possible. The artists will follow the natural hairline that used to exist, simply lowering the current hairline or filling in so the area seems fuller and healthier. There is no stiff hairline here, which may or may not appeal to someone’s sense of a “defined” hairline.

The second is to simply add Density

This is a popular option for people with long hair or women experiencing female pattern baldness, which thins the hair along the part or in the back. This may lead to some definition needed on the hairline, although micropigmentation will never fall lower than the natural hairline for someone with long hair. The idea is to create a three-dimensional look while following the natural pattern of your hair so the entire look seems organic.

The third is called the Permanent Edge Up

This is often known as the “Jamie Foxx” because of the incredibly sharp edge of the hairline following the procedure. It’s a popular choice because it displays a youthful hairline pattern. This is most popular among those who have quite a bit of hair loss that they need to fill in. Because there is no natural hairline—at least not where the client wants it—the micropigmentation artist will be able to create this artificial hairline for them with no concern about its looking artificial.

For more information, contact the artists of Hairline Ink at (585) 250-0835.

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