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Adding Density to Hair

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work with Long Hair?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) was initially created with the shaved head in mind. This was because long hair looked unnatural with the treatment since the specialty ink creates the look of stubble. However, there have been recent developments in the scalp micropigmentation process that make it possible for the treatment to look natural with a long hairstyle.

Scalp micropigmentation works best with long hair when the client is suffering from certain types of hair loss. If your hairline is intact, and you’re merely experiencing hair thinning across your scalp, micropigmentation can give the illusion of depth to your hair.

Keeping hair long with scalp micropigmentation is also possible for those with receding hairlines. However, since this process looks unnatural on a bald spot adjacent to long hair, it’s necessary to limit the treatment to where your hairline has receded to. This process will lessen the severity of the recession significantly and will make your hair look much thicker.

Of course, in both of these cases, be wary of future hair loss. If you suspect that your hairline will recede further, or your hair will thin more extensively, have a contingency plan. You can talk with a scalp micropigmentation expert to determine what the best course of action is for the preservation of your hairline.

If you’re looking to maintain a long hairstyle after scalp micropigmentation, it’s even more essential to seek out a skilled artist who has plenty of experience with the technique. Scalp micropigmentation is a complex and labor-intensive process, and it’s something that should only be left up to an experienced specialist.

The specialists at Hairline Ink have years of experience serving clients with thinning hair and have helped individuals with various hairstyles. Don’t trust your hairline to anyone but the best. If you’re considering scalp micropigmentation, there’s no better choice than Hairline Ink. Call us today at (585)-250-0835 to talked to one of our trained professionals or come in and see us for an in-person consultation! We are here to help you at any stage of hair loss.

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