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Hair Loss and Lupus

Lupus Alopecia (Lupus hair loss) is an upsetting reality that many who suffer from this autoimmune disease must face. Not only do the medications associated with lupus, like immune suppressants, steroids, and others, sometimes cause hair loss, but also, the condition itself can inflame the scalp and lead to alopecia.

What is Lupus?

The Lupus Foundation of America explains that Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes the body to essentially attack itself. People with lupus have what are known as flares. Rashes, skin lesions, vital organ damage, and joint problems are all associated with these flares. Over time, permanent kidney damage, seizures, heart damage, and other difficult medical realities sometimes arise.

Lupus, which is not contagious, affects all demographics, but it does tend to occur much more frequently in women, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Hispanics, and those who are between the ages of 15-45.

Hair Loss in Lupus Sufferers

Medical conditions, including autoimmune conditions like lupus, not only impact people physically, but they also take a real emotional toll. Lupus is a lifelong disease, and flares can come about unexpectedly and often at inopportune times. They are made worse when devastating changes in appearance, like thinning hair and hair loss, are also present.

Hair thinning is commonplace in lupus sufferers, and it is usually an unwelcome feature of the disease. Scalp lesions that tend to form in some people with lupus can even lead to permanent hair loss due to hair follicle scarring. And while inflammation and medication-induced hair loss might be temporary, it is difficult to know when the medications will be necessary again or when the next flare will occur.

Hairline Ink

Our scalp micropigmentation artists at Hairline Ink provide transformative services to our clients. We can provide a permanent and guaranteed solution to the appearance of hair loss caused by lupus. Though people who have lupus will have to live with it for the rest of their lives, we hope to help give back some of the confidence that is sometimes lost when hair loss occurs. You can contact Hairline Ink at 585-250-0835, and we will discuss our services with you.

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