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Hair Loss and Smoking

Smoking comes with a large amount of health risk, regardless of how healthy you are in other parts of your life. Importantly, smoking has been known to lead to hair loss. If you needed one more reason to kick the habit, the firm scientific proof that smoking leads to hair loss is a good place to start.

The reason why smoking leads to hair loss is relatively straightforward and has to do with what happens to your body when you smoke. Other than nicotine, one substance that you inhale when you take a puff of a tobacco product is carbon monoxide, which directly decreases the amount of oxygen flowing through the body.

Smoking also makes it harder for that oxygen to reach the scalp in the first place, leading to a one-two punch of oxygen starvation on your scalp. Blood flow and oxygen are critical to hair growth, and if you develop androgenetic alopecia (APA) from smoking, the lack of oxygen is probably why. Hair follicles in individuals with APA tend to be more reactive to the naturally produced hormone DHT, which can miniaturize the hair follicles. More DHT is produced with oxygen levels are lower, leading to hair loss or at least substantial thinning over time.

Whether you are a recovering smoker or looking to kick the habit, there are techniques available to fight back against the hair loss that smoking causes. A cosmetic procedure known as scalp micropigmentation can give you a fuller-looking head of hair with lasting results. This procedure works by injecting small amounts of pigment into the skin, tailored to your specific needs and skin, and has little risk or recovery time once the procedure is finished.

The scalp micropigmentation experts of Hairline Ink are here to help you get a fuller-looking head of hair. To learn more about the procedure and how it can benefit you, call us today at (585) 250-0835 or by starting a free online chat with one of our representatives online.

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