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It’s Okay to Care About Your Hair

If you’re losing your hair, no matter if the reason is genetic, stress-induced, or related to a medical or skin condition, the experience can mirror the grief process. Whether we like it or not, we are all attached to our appearance in some way or another. As defining features like hair begin to change, our sense of self can get shaken.

Physical transformations have a way of changing the way that we feel, and hair loss is no exception. Significant hair loss often makes us confront aging, medical conditions, and even our own concepts of what it means to be attractive. This is all perfectly okay. Hair loss happens. While some people may be perfectly at peace with being bald, others may not. This is perfectly fine too.

The truth is, hair can be pretty fun, and when it falls out, many people are left feeling exposed, even lacking in some way. Our appearance can be an essential part of our identity. Hair is one of the first things people notice about others. Know that wanting to change your look is not something to be embarrassed about. This is your life and it is fine to take steps to look the way you want to look.

At Hairline Ink, we’ve worked with many people who have tried the buffet of hair loss options, from supplements to shampoos, to procedures like hair plugs. There is certainly no shortage of options if you are looking for a hair loss solution. While options may narrow depending on which look you are trying to achieve and what your budget is, know that you are not alone.

At Hairline Ink, we are the premier option for scalp micropigmentation services. Whether you want to add density to existing, thinning hair, or want to change a bald head to a recently-shaved head, we can offer you options. Working with people experiencing hair loss has given us the opportunity to guide people going through what is often an emotional time. We are happy to offer services to those looking for a permanent solution. Want to learn more about scalp micropigmentation? Call us at 585-250-0835 today!

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