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Microneedling for Hair Loss

Microneedling is a procedure that has become more common over the years for individuals wishing to regenerate their hair and more generally as an anti-aging treatment. In the process, a small skin roller with small needles is treated on the head, intentionally causing minor skin injuries. While the practical use of an anti-aging treatment targets collagen production to get smoother skin, there is also some evidence that the treatment can induce stem cells to regenerate the health of hair follicles. This, in turn, theoretically leads to new hair growth.

During the treatment, the dermatologist will use a roller that contains small needles, some that are less than 1mm thick, to create small injuries on the top of your scalp. This will be done after applying a local anesthetic, as your doctor is intentionally injuring your scalp to stimulate collagen production and strengthen hair follicles.

While an increasingly popular procedure, there are some significant drawbacks associated with microneedling. For people that scar easily, the procedure is not recommended. Furthermore, if you have a condition that slows healing or are on blood thinners, microneedling may present an increased risk for you. Your doctor will provide detailed aftercare instructions that will need to be followed carefully, or else you will be risking an infection that can cause all kinds of health issues.

For many people, the risk of microneedling just isn’t worth it. If you are looking to reverse the appearance of thinning hair or are bald and are looking for a consistent, clean-shaven look, scalp micropigmentation may be an ideal procedure. The scalp micropigmentation experts at Hairline Ink are here to help you in your hair restoration efforts, with a procedure that is less risky and achieves lasting results.

Scalp micropigmentation works by injecting small amounts of pigment into the skin, creating the appearance of hair. After the procedure, there is generally a shorter recovery time and less of an infection risk than with microneedling. To learn more about scalp micropigmentation and how it can give you a fuller-looking head of hair for years to come, contact Hairline Ink at (585) 250-0835 or start a free online chat here on our website.

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