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What Supplements Help Prevent Baldness?

Supplements Help Prevent Baldness

Many factors lead to hair loss. Poor nutrition, stress, or simple genetics can all cause balding in men and women. Fortunately, there are ways to combat hair loss before it progresses. Many supplements combat different causes of hair loss. Once you’ve diagnosed the cause of your balding, you should explore supplements that can delay or even stop it.

Poor nutrition can lead to telogen effluvium, a temporary hair loss that accelerates the rate at which your hair falls out. This can be easily treated by consuming more vitamins, supplements, and minerals. These nutrients include Vitamin C, Biotin, Niacin, Iron, and Zinc. The best way to get these nutrients is through your diet. However, if you cannot get them through this route, there are plenty of supplements and vitamins that can fix any deficiencies you may have.

Biotin, also known as H or B7, is a vitamin that promotes hair growth by thickening hair strands. If your diet is lacking B vitamins, Biotin is the ideal choice to fill these deficiencies. Other vitamins such as Niacin and Vitamin C can also promote hair growth, as can minerals like Zinc and Iron. Those suffering from hair loss often see a reversal within 3-4 months of adjusting their diet.

Although all of these supplements can slow hair loss, they will not be able to stop genetic hair loss. Male and female pattern baldness is passed down from parents to offspring and will occur even with an excellent diet and low-stress lifestyle. However, maintaining a proper diet can help slow the onset of genetic balding.

If you attempt to slow the spread of hair loss but are unable to stop it, other options are available for the maintenance of your appearance. 3D scalp micropigmentation is a process by which the scalp is dyed with various shades of ink to create stubble over bald spots. The experts at Hairline Ink have years of experience with this practice and will be eager to answer your questions about this process.

Have questions about hair loss? Hairline Ink has the answers. If you or someone you know is suffering from hair loss, contact our team of experts to learn how scalp micropigmentation can help you to defy hair loss and reinvent the way you feel. We offer Scalp Micropigmentation in over 50 US cities. Call or text us today at 833-HAIR-INK (833-424-7465) to schedule an appointment, learn about our pricing, or to get a free quote!

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Written by The Hairline Ink Team

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