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Alopecia Treatment

Side Profiles Before and After Scalp Micropigmentation

For many people who are considering scalp micropigmentation as a safe and effective treatment for hair loss, the questions naturally arise: “how will I look after the treatment”?  Because each person’s appearance is unique, there is no template for us to work from. Instead, we customize each and every treatment we do to match your appearance based on your physical features and your preferences.

When looking at the side profiles of individuals who have undergone our scalp micropigmentation procedure, you will notice that there are different options you can choose from, depending on your desired outcome. We can lower your hairline, fill in areas where the hairline receded and can add definition around the temples and the sideburns.






During your initial consultation, we will discuss what results you are looking for and will create a unique and specialized plan for your treatment. In addition to crafting a new hairline and allowing your hairline to once again frame for your face, our treatment is customized to match your skin color and type, so you can expect flawless results each and every time.

smp for baldness solution






If you have been searching for a hair loss treatment that is non-invasive and effective, you may want to consider scalp micropigmentation treatment from professionals like those at Hairline Ink. We aim to always be leaders in our industry, and because we take pride in our service and our results, we only hire practitioners who have undeniable expertise and experience. Contact us at (585) 318-2520 to schedule a consultation today.


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